The GIGA publishes its research results primarily as articles in prestigious journals and as books with international university presses. Get an overview of our publications below.

  • Internationale Politik | 01/2023

    Irans steiniger Weg in die Freiheit

    Der Artikel nimmt zunächst die tieferen Ursachen der Proteste in den Blick, um zu untersuchen, was die Proteste für die Menschen und das Regime bedeuten und welche Folgen sie innenpolitisch, regional und international haben könnten.

    Dr. Sara Bazoobandi

    Research Fellow / Research Team Spokesperson

    Middle East Critique | 10/2022

    Collective Identity Change under Exogenous Shocks: The Gülen Movement and Its Diasporization

    This paper takes a comparative historical perspective to the post-2016 diasporization of the Gülen Movement (GM) and discusses how the GM responded differently to sudden exogenous shocks in 1997, 2007, and 2016.

    Dr. Hakkı Taş

    Research Fellow

    Chapter in Edited Volume | 01/2023

    Futures in the Making: An Analysis of Indian Climate Policy Articulations

    This chapter assesses how different Indian actors imagine climate futures and whether different actors and their ideas are connected.

    Dr. Miriam Prys-Hansen

    Lead Research Fellow / Head of Research Programme "Global Orders and Foreign Policies"

    Blog Article | 12/2022

    How not to do Equal Opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion in Academia: Ten Commandments

    GIGA President Prof. Amrita Narlikar and Dr. Cecilia Sottilotta outline ten pitfalls to avoid when working on Equal opportunity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in social science and beyond.

    Cecilia Emma Sottilotta

    Formerly Visiting Fellow

    All GIGA Publications

    By disseminating its research through influential journals and publishers, the GIGA achieves high global visibility and assumes an intellectual leadership role. Research results regularly appear as peer-reviewed articles or are published in books and anthologies.

    The institute’s own publication series GIGA Focus, GIGA Journal Family, and GIGA Working Papers have been freely available online for more than ten years in accordance with the Open Access principle. This makes the GIGA one of the pioneers of free access to academic expertise. The GIGA is co-editor of the journal Iberoamericana.

    GIGA Focus Latin America | 2/2023

    The European Union and Latin America: Renewing the Partnership after Drifting Apart

    As the strategic value of the region has increased for Europe, the EU is now seeking to renew its partnership with Latin America and the Caribbean. But many of the latter’s governments prefer an active non-alignment in international politics. An EU-LAC summit is planned for July 2023.

    GIGA Focus Asia | 1/2023

    Disengagement from China: United States and European Union Policies Compared

    Comparing US and European China policies of recent years reveals a widening gap. While the Biden administration’s China policy is fixated on competition and national security, and preoccupied with renewing US global leadership, the EU essentially remains open to cooperation with China.

    Dr. Margot Schüller

    Senior Research Fellow

    Blog Article | 01/2023

    Under Attack: Addressing Cross-Border Violence in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq

    Focusing primarily on Iran’s role, this analysis concludes that even in a best-case scenario of total democratic political change in the KRI, the the realities of the international system put the power to prevent malign intervention by neighboring states largely out of local hands.

    Dastan Jasim

    Doctoral Researcher

    GIGA Focus Global | 1/2023

    Threat and Integration: Attitudes towards Refugees in Germany

    In 2023, German and European authorities expect refugee numbers to rise further. Whether existing attitudes towards refugees in Germany can be changed by positive or negative statements made about their further admission in future is discussed in this Focus Global.

    Blog Article | 01/2023

    Why the Military Promised to Withdraw from Power in Sudan

    Dissolving former ruling parties and purging institutions breaks with old regimes. But, Hager Ali, building strong political parties to govern after ousting long-time rulers takes far more time than new incumbents have, especially when they face severe crises.

    Hager Ali

    Doctoral Researcher


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