The GIGA releases its research findings primarily as articles in prestigious journals. However, it also seeks to engage the wider public through its own publication series. Accordingly, the GIGA Focus series has a more political and advisory character. The GIGA Working Papers series and the GIGA Journal Family mainly target the scientific community.

For years, the GIGA’s house publications have been open access – thus making the institute a pioneer of free access to scientific research. We would be glad to provide you with regular updates about new online publications via e-mail-alert or RSS feed.

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GIGA Focus

The GIGA Focus series provides concise analyses of current developments. The four regional Focus titles (Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Middle East) and the GIGA Focus Global, which focuses on comparative and global issues, are published in German or English. Summaries are available in both languages..


GIGA Working Papers

In the GIGA Working Papers, the GIGA publishes its findings from ongoing research. These papers go through an internal review process, and many later appear as articles in journals. The GIGA Working Papers are aimed at both scholars and the interested public. They mainly appear in English.

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GIGA Journal Family

The four GIGA journals are peer-reviewed and publish excellent contributions from researchers around the world. The GIGA Journal Family consists of the Africa Spectrum, the Journal of Current Chinese Affairs, the Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs, and the Journal of Politics in Latin America. All contributions are published in English and undergo a multi-stage, anonymised review process. In addition, internationally staffed scientific advisory boards ensure the quality of the journals. more

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Refereed Papers

GIGA scholars regularly present their research results in prestigious journals. These contributions are evaluated in an extensive review process and all receive the “refereed” seal of quality.

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Articles in Other Journals and Edited Volumes

To achieve the widest possible dissemination of GIGA research, GIGA scientists publish their work in, amongst others, political advisory journals.

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Books and Cooperation Projects

GIGA researchers are regularly involved in book projects, such as authoring monographs or editing collected volumes. In addition, the GIGA publishes the Africa Yearbook and the Korea Yearbook in cooperation with international partners and is co-editor of the journal Iberoamericana.

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Research Data

The researchers at GIGA generate a considerable amount of research data. Our objective is to offer free access to as much of our data as possible, to guarantee the possibility of its citation, and to secure its safe storage. Published data will be listed as it becomes available.