Dr. Miriam Prys-Hansen

Lead Research Fellow | Head of Research Programme "Global Orders and Foreign Policies"

Dr. Miriam Prys-Hansen

  • Short CV

    • Since 06/2020: Head of GIGA Research Programme 4 "Global Orders and Foreign Policies"

    • 07/2018 - 09/2019: Acting Head of GIGA Research Programme 4 "Global Orders and Foreign Policies"

    • 04/2016 - 10/2016: Acting Speaker Research Team "Global Orders and Foreign Policies", RP 4

    • 10/2014 - 10/2015: Professor (substitute) in Political Science, International Relations and Regional Governance (Helmut-Schmidt-Universität and GIGA)

    • 03/2012 - 05/2020: Academic Director of the GIGA Doctoral Programme

    • 10/2010 - 03/2012: Head of GIGA Research Programme 4

    • 01/2010 - 10/2010: Responsible for the coordination of the Hamburg International Graduate School "Regional Power Shifts and Global Order" (HIGS-RPS) at the GIGA

    • 03/2009 - 12/2009: DAAD Post-Doctoral Scholar at the ETH Zürich

    • 2005 - 2008: Research Assistance at the University of Oxford Oxford (Nuffield and Balliol College)

    • 2007 - 2008: Team Leader South Africa, G8 Research Group Oxford/Toronto

    • 01/2008 - 03/2008: Visiting Researcher at the GIGA Institute for Asian Studies / Regional Powers Network

    • 10/2006 - 12/2006: Research Affiliate at the Institute of Social Sciences, Neu-Delhi

    • 06/2006 - 12/2006: Visiting Researcher at the Centre for Africa’s International Relations, University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg

    • 2005 - 2006: DAAD Scholarship, University of Oxford

    • 2002 - 2003: Research Assistant at the Institute of Political Sciene at the University of Tübingen

    • Education: Studied Political Science/International Relations, International Public Law and Economics at the Universities of Tübingen and Uppsala. D.Phil. from the University of Oxford

    Current Research

    • Regional and emerging powers

    • Global and regional environmental politics

    • Global climate regime

    Countries and Regions

    • India

    • BRICS


    • Leibniz Research Network "Integrated Earth System Research", Membership of committee, section or working group, since 2021
    • European International Studies Association, Membership in discipline-specific association or network, since 2012
    • German Political Science Association, Membership in discipline-specific association or network, since 2009
    • International Studies Association, Membership in discipline-specific association or network, since 2004

    Dr. Miriam Prys-Hansen

    Lead Research Fellow / Head of Research Programme "Global Orders and Foreign Policies"

    T. +49 (0)40 - 42 88 74-30miriam.prys@giga-hamburg.de

    GIGA Focus Global | 7/2022

    G20: The Global South’s New Status-Seeking Platform?

    The G20 is now a central forum for solving the current global polycrisis. It has also become a place where Global South governments, like India’s or Turkey’s, seek to acquire and project higher status on the world stage. Policymakers need to understand and embrace this key foreign policy dynamic.

    9DashLine | 11/2022

    COP27: India Could be the Key to Deadlocked Debates on Loss and Damage due to Climate Change

    Progress on the issue of loss and damage could benefit from clear engagement by the ‘in-between powers’ in the Global South, such as India, who may be in a position to exert a decisive influence on the outcomes of the COP27 talks.

    Jan Phillip Ronde

    German Trade Union Confederation

    Research Project | 01/01/2019 - 31/12/2025

    Climate, Climatic Change, and Society (CLICCS), Cluster of Excellence / Universität Hamburg

    The Cluster of Excellence “Climate, Climatic Change, and Society” (CLICCS), based at Universität Hamburg, is guided by the overarching question: "Which climate futures are possible and which are plausible?" The GIGA contributes to the cluster in the central synthesis project and with its research on climate governance, the social construction of climate futures, and the interactions between climate change and conflict.
    DFG, Excellence Strategy, 2019-2025

    Research Project | 01/09/2016 - 31/08/2020

    Globalisation, Europe & Multilateralism – Sophistication of the Transnational Order, Networks, and European Strategies (GEM STONES)

    The rapid rise in the number of international institutions increases the complexity of the global system. Does this complexity strengthen or weaken the EU's capacity to interact with the world? This is the core question in GEM-STONES, an integrated research and PhD fellowship programme of 15 European institutions, coordinated by the Université Libre de Bruxelles. The two early stage researchers who stay at the GIGA study regional integration processes and regional security governance.
    EC, Horizon 2020, 2016-2020

    Research Project | 16/07/2013 - 01/12/2016

    Climate Change Mitigation and Poverty Reduction (CliMiP) – Trade-Offs or Win-Win Situations?

    This project analyses the relationship between climate change mitigation and poverty reduction in Mexico, South Africa and Thailand as middle-income countries with rising GHG emissions. Using a multi-disciplinary approach, the assessment of domestic climate governance systems is combined with an investigation of the poverty and distributional impacts of mitigation policies. A third perspective, international relations, contextualizes these domestics factors within the global discourse on developing country mitigation.
    Volkswagen Foundation, 2013-2016

    Research Project | 01/01/2012 - 01/12/2016

    Contested World Orders

    The project involves the analysis of the evolution of world order, its underlying normative differences and conflicts as well as the question of the legitimacy of international authority. The participating Leibniz Institutes (WZB, HSFK and GIGA) use a common analytical framework to investigate forms of political authority beyond the nation state, its politicization on the part of the "rising powers" and non-state actors, as well as associated implications for peacefulness of world order.
    Leibniz Association, 2012-2016

    Spiegel Online Video | Interview | 14/01/2023

    So will Indien klimaneutral werden

    Miriam Prys-Hansen kommentiert den Ausbau von Solarenergie in Indien und deren Beitrag zur Erreichung ambitionierer Klimaziele. 

    Arbeitsgemeinschaft Frieden und Entwicklung (FriEnt) | Mention | 28/07/2022

    "Das Bild hängt schief." Sicherheit im politischen Diskurs

    Tagesschau24 | Expert Comment / Guest Contribution | 28/06/2022

    Guest Commentary on G7 Summit

    Miriam Prys-Hansen was invited to comment on the final day of the G7 Summit live on Tagesschau24. On three occasions, the addressed issues of the global order and the role of the G7, the Outreach process, summit results regarding enhancing climate change action and food security. 

    Speaker, Speaker, Speaker, Moderator | 07/11/2022

    The Global Politics of Status: India, Turkey, and Indonesia at the G20 Summit and Beyond

    This GIGA Forum focuses on the foreign policies of three powers: India, Turkey, and Indonesia. Our experts will investigate the domestic roots and the consequences of their status-seeking strategies, and their respective abilities to help shape a changing global order.

    Dr. Clemens Hoffmann

    Dr. Evan Laksmana

    Panelist | 07/07/2022

    Same same but different? Die Zeitenwende im Praxistest

    The panel discussed the implications of a value-driven foreign and development policy after the "Zeitenwende" for German foreign and security policy-making. It highlighted the role of ambivalence and the importance of deliberation both within German foreign policy-making but also in relation to its partners in the global South.

    Speaker, Speaker, Speaker, Consultant, Consultant, Moderator | 04/05/2022

    Climate Responsibilities of the “Great Powers”: Are they doing enough?

    The world is still not on track to meet the 1.5°C maximum warming target. The United States, China, the European Union, India, and Brazil – these “great powers” play a crucial role in fighting climate change. This GIGA Talk will address what has been achieved (or not) and how the “great powers” justify their respective actions or inaction.

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Robert Falkner

    Prof. Dr. Kathryn Hochstetler

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Katja Biedenkopf

    Dr. Franziska Brantner

    Teaching | Helmut Schmidt University | 2015

    Policy field "environment" as a problem of world order

    Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg Germany

    Teaching | Helmut Schmidt University | 2015

    Regions in the International System I: Conflict Region South Asia

    Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg Germany

    Teaching | Helmut Schmidt University | 2015

    Regions in the International System II: The Political Economy of Southern Africa

    Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg Germany


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