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The GIGA Forum regularly presents research results and discusses both global trends and developments in the regions of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. It is tailored specifically at the interested public.

  • Video GIGA Forum - World Cup in Qatar: Sport and Political Power in the Middle East and North Africa
    Video GIGA Forum - World Cup in Qatar: Sport and Political Power in the Middle East and North Africa

    Coordinator GIGA Forum

    Dr. David Kuehn

    Senior Research Fellow / Coordinator GIGA Forum

    Videos of the series

    GIGA Forum | 29/09/2022

    Attacking the Vote: Election Fears in Brazil and Beyond

    Many people fear rigged elections, when, on 2 October 2022, more than 150 million Brazilians are called to vote. President Jair Bolsonaro, seeking re-election, has repeatedly impugned the voting system. At this GIGA Forum, experts explore flawed, corrupt, or failed elections in Latin America, Asia, and Africa.

    GIGA Forum | 07/09/2022

    World Cup in Qatar: Sport and Political Power in the Middle East and North Africa

    For the first time in FIFA’s history, the Men’s World Cup will be held in an Arab country. Yet football has a long history in the Middle East and North Africa. This GIGA Forum focuses on the social and political significance of the sport. Video now online.

    GIGA Forum | 17/05/2022

    The War in Ukraine and the Global South: Perceptions, Reactions, and Implications

    While most United Nations members quickly condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine, a few actors in the Global South adopted a “neutral” stance. This GIGA Forum discusses how countries in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and sub-Saharan Africa perceive the war, are reacting to it, and what its consequences are for these states. Video now online!

    GIGA Forum | 26/01/2022

    Has America Come Back? President Biden’s Foreign Policy towards the Global South

    With the election of President Joe Biden, the world hoped for the United States’ return to diplomacy, multilateralism, and to a values-based foreign policy. In this GIGA Forum, experts examine US foreign policy in the first year of the Biden administration vis-à-vis Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Video of event now online.

    GIGA Forum | 19/01/2022

    With the Help of God(s)? Religious Actors and Sustainable Development in Africa

    Religious actors can both promote and undermine sustainable development. Many stakeholders and scholars recognise the relevant role of religious actors and place great hope in their potential. Alongside GIGA scholars, members of the “Africa Multiple” Cluster of Excellence from Universität Bayreuth discussed this topic in depth. Video of event now online!

    The GIGA is taking the coronavirus situation very seriously. Our events take place in the digital space or in hybrid format. Team GIGA is still working mainly from home. We are pleased to be able to offer you our products without restriction.


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