GIGA Focus

GIGA Focus

The GIGA Focus series offer concise analysis of current political, economic, and social developments in the regions of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as of global trends. With its concrete policy recommendations, the GIGA’s flagship policy paper is aimed in particular at political decision-makers. At the same time, it also provides coverage of the key aspects of a given topic for media representatives and the general public alike.

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    GIGA Focus Middle East | 1/2024

    Ten Things to Watch in the Middle East and North Africa in 2024

    From the Gaza War to other regional conflicts and the lasting importance of oil, the Middle East and North Africa region remains pivotal for Europe. We present ten issues that will play a central role in the relationship between both regions in the year ahead.

    GIGA Focus Thematic Editions

    The various thematic editions of the GIGA Focus series discuss the specific global and regional expressions of an overarching issue. They also reflect the GIGA’s approach of taking into account the philosophical traditions and historical experiences of all world regions.

    GIGA Focus Thematic Editions
    Open Access

    Open Access

    The concept of "open access" has empowered the GIGA to virtually eliminate the financial, technical, and legal barriers normally faced by many of those seeking to access the institute’s research findings. This publication strategy ensures that people all around the world have equal opportunities to keep up with scholarly advances.

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