GIGA Working Papers

In the GIGA Working Papers, the GIGA publishes its findings from ongoing research. These papers go through an internal review process, and many later appear as articles in journals. The GIGA Working Papers are aimed at both scholars and the interested public. They mainly appear in English.

  • GIGA Working Papers | 09/2021

    One Year After: Has the COVID-19 Pandemic Increased Violence in Sub-Saharan Africa?

    In the spring of 2020, observers and practitioners warned that COVID-19 would increase violence in sub-Saharan Africa through an economic shock that would lead to distributional conflict and state repression – and violence did indeed increase in 2020. An analysis by Prof. Dr. Matthias Basedau and Mora Deitch.

    Prof. Dr. Matthias Basedau

    Director of the GIGA Institute for African Affairs / Editor GIGA Focus Africa

    Mora Deitch

    Research Fellow

    GIGA Working Papers | 05/2021

    High Courts and Social Media in Latin America

    What is the role of Latin American constitutional and supreme courts in social media? We investigate the accounts of 17 high courts on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook for a one-year-period, distinguishing between two dimensions: intensity of use and influence in each social media.

    Prof. Dr. Mariana Llanos

    Lead Research Fellow / Head of RP 1

    Dr. Cordula Tibi Weber

    Research Fellow

    GIGA Working Papers | 08/2020

    State(s) of Negotiation: Drivers of Forced Migration Governance in Most of the World

    Focusing on North Africa, the Middle East, and the Horn of Africa, this paper offers an analytical framework to better understand forced migration governance across space and time from a more global, pluralist perspective in a logic of iterative theory-building.

    GIGA Working Papers | 07/2020

    Beyond Justices The Legal Culture of Judges in Mexico

    Do judges consider themselves political actors having a legislative role? To advance our understanding of the key determinants of judicial behavior, the author uses a survey with federal judges in Mexico to explore to what extent judges adhere to a positivist or a principle‐based constitutionalist legal culture.

    Azul Aguiar Aguilar

    Visiting Fellow

    GIGA Working Papers | 04/2020

    A Comprehensive Framework for Studying Migration Policies (and a Call to Observe Them beyond Immigration to the West)

    This piece is both an exercise in critical conceptual landscaping in the field of Migration Studies and the proposal of an analytical framework that can correct some of its most serious biases. It promises advances for empirical agendas in this area of research.

    GIGA Working Papers | 01/2020

    How Do International Sanctions End? Towards a Process-Oriented, Relational, and Signalling Perspective

    Sanctions research has so far focused on their implementation and effectiveness, while the termination of such measures has received little attention. This article proposes a process-oriented and relational understanding that takes into account the multi-layered social relations between actors.

    Dr. Julia Grauvogel

    Senior Research Fellow / Speaker Research Team

    Hana Attia

    Doctoral Researcher


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