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The G20 summit will be held in Hamburg under Germany’s presidency on 7 and 8 July 2017. The GIGA German Institute of Global and Area Studies has a long-standing record of top-class research on G20-related topics, and participates also in some of the G20 processes. Learn more about our activities.


Journal |
New Journal of Politics in Latin America 1/2017

The journal focuses on issues such as democratic deterioration in Venezuela, the assassinations of politicians in Mexico and the change in the banking sector of Argentina, Mexico and Brazil.

Journal |
New Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 1/2017

The journal offers insights on policy implementation in the Philippines, Myanmar's foreign policy, territorial disputes and nationalism in Vietnam and China, and other issues.

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GIGA Launches Series of Articles and Events on the G20

Research institute provides background information, context, and discussion

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The BRICS states have faced significant challenges lately. Our online dossier brings together current research results, analyses, and our experts’ contact information.

Online Dossier

Brazil was once seen as an aspiring “shaping power” capable of fulfilling its potential. But the upheavals of recent months have thrown the country into a serious crisis. Our dossier provides analyses and expert contacts.

Recent Media Contributions

Augsburger Allgemeine | Was hinter Fairtrade-Siegeln steckt
Article quoting Jann Lay
SWR 2 | Trumps Islam-Rede: Kampfansage an Teheran
Interview with Henner Fürtig
Deutschlandfunk Kultur | Saudi-Arabien: Großmacht oder Regionalmacht mit Ölreichtum?
Interview with Jens Heibach
tagesschau24 | Saudi-Arabien: Verhältnis zu den USA und Einfluss in der Region
Interview with Jens Heibach


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