Research Data


The researchers at GIGA generate a considerable amount of research data. To facilitate its reuse, and to enhance research transparency, we have started to publish research data in datorium, a repository hosted by Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (GESIS). Our objective is to offer free access to as much of our data as possible, to guarantee the possibility of its citation, and to secure its safe storage. Published data will be listed below as it becomes available.

Data Sets

Bert Hoffmann / Luicy Pedroza / Pau Palop García

Emigrant Policies Index (EMIX): New Dataset on Diaspora Policies

datorium | 2017
Vita Roy

Managing resource-related conflict

datorium | 2017
Marina Dodlova / Anna Giolbas / Jann Lay

Non-Contributory Social Transfer Programmes (NSTP) in Developing Countries Data Set

datorium | 2016
Thomas Richter / Viola Lucas

GSRE 1.0 - Global State Revenues and Expenditures Dataset

datorium | 2016
Matthias Basedau / Birte Pfeiffer / Johannes Vüllers

Data Set to Article: Bad Religion? Religion, Collective Action, and the Onset of Armed Conflict in Developing Countries

Journal of Conflict Resolution | 2014
Martin Ottmann / Johannes Vüllers

Power-Sharing Event Dataset (PSED)

datorium | 2014