In order to achieve the widest possible dissemination of GIGA research, our researchers publish their work not only in academic journals, but also in policy advisory journals. In addition, they contribute to thematic anthologies and write articles for academic blogs.

  • Chapter in Edited Volume | 12/2022

    Political Parties in Southeast Asia

    Dr. Andreas Ufen

    Senior Research Fellow / Research Team Spokesperson

    Sustainable Governance Indicators | 09/2022

    Sustainable Governance Indicators 2022, Japan Report

    Prof. Dr. Ito Peng

    Thomas Kalinowski

    Policy Paper | 09/2022

    German Feminist Foreign Policy: An Inside-Outside Perspective

    In this article, GIGA President Prof. Dr. Amrita Narlikar discusses German feminist foreign policy from an intersectional and inclusive perspective. This article is translated into Hindi.

    Infographic | 08/2022

    Regional Neighbourhoods Matter for Peacebuilding

    Neighbours, regional organisations and networks of different actors play an important role for conflict dynamics. They can either promote peacebuilding or the prolongation and escalation of violent conflicts. The infographic illustrates this.


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