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With its events, the GIGA presents research results and discusses both global trends and developments in the regions of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. Browse through our conferences and workshops.

  • Cooperation Event | 06/12/2022

    Sustainable Supply Chains in Times of Multiple Crises

    This year’s Forum on Globalization and Industrialization, taking place on 6 December, is organized under the theme “Sustainable Supply Chains in Times of Multiple Crises”, reinforcing collaboration between UNIDO, BMZ, IDOS, and the GIGA. Join this event either on-site in Vienna or online.

    Cooperation Event | 05/12/2022

    Gulf Hydrogen Horizons: Why Are Gulf Oil and Gas Producers so Keen on Hydrogen?

    This webinar examines the recent interest in hydrogen energy among political and economic leaders in the oil and gas producing states of the GCC. The discussants draw on their expertise in the Middle East and energy geopolitics to raise further questions about the future of hydrogen energy development in Europe and beyond.

    Cooperation Event | 30/11/2022

    Der 10. Jahrestag der VGGT in Zeiten multipler Krisen: Ernährung durch Landrechte sichern

    In Zeiten multipler Krisen, wächst der Druck auf die Ressource Land ungebrochen. Aufbauend auf dem 10-jährige Jubiläum der VGGT unterstreicht das Panel mit u.a. Renate Künast, Mathias Mogge und Ellen O. Pratt, die Relevanz von gerechtem Landzugang für die globale Ernährungssicherung.

    Lecture Series | 30/11/2022

    Franco-German Observatory of the Indo-Pacific

    The Franco-German Observatory invites key actors from the Indo-Pacific to discuss questions of a strategic nature, of economic interdependence and independence, and the expectations the countries of the Indo-Pacific might have towards the “West”.

    Cooperation Event | 08/11/2022 - 09/11/2022

    Integrated Earth System Research Conference 2022

    This first ever conference on "Integrated Earth System Research" will be held on 8 and 9 November 2022 at Telegraphenberg, Potsdam. It is dedicated to scientific advances towards a coherent understanding of the increasing human impacts on the Earth system, their societal consequences, and respective governance challenges.

    We offer our events digitally or in hybrid setting. We monitor the current pandemic situation and act accordingly. We look forward to your participation.


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