Policy Exchange

Policy Exchange

GIGA researchers are highly sought after for their expertise by policymakers.

  • The GIGA conducts social science research with real-world relevance on Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, as well as on global developments.

    With our Global Approach to Scholarship, we are committed to working with perspectives, concepts, and experiences from different world regions. We analyse how political, social, and economic transitions arise, and how they unfold both within our study regions and around the world.

    On the basis of our research, we advise policymakers and actively engage with academic, political, and societal stakeholders in Germany, at the European and international levels, and in our study regions of the Global South.

    GIGA researchers are sought-after experts among decision-makers from Germany's executive branch – especially the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Office of the Federal President –, as well as by members of parliament, inter- and supranational bodies, non-governmental organisations, the media, and the wider public. The GIGA Berlin Office, located in the heart of the German capital, is dedicated to knowledge exchange with political, civil society, academic, and media institutions based there.

    Our GIGA Focus publication series provides short analyses of current developments worldwide, exploring their implications for German and European policy.

    GIGA Focus Global | 2/2024

    Why Just Energy Transition Partnerships Are Not Enough

    JETPs are envisioned as catalysts for socially just energy transitions in fossil fuel-dependent countries. Yet, shortcomings of the mechanism, political-economic structures, and the initial implementation plans of South Africa, Indonesia, and Vietnam leave major doubts this goal will be reached.

    GIGA Focus Africa | 3/2024

    South Africa’s Watershed Election: The Dawn of Coalition Politics

    In a historic election, the African National Congress lost its absolute majority for the first time since the democratic transition in 1994. Amid a profound domestic crisis and significant international challenges, South Africa’s political landscape will fundamentally change.

    GIGA Focus Latin America | 3/2024

    Mexico: Sheinbaum to Face Militarisation and Human Rights Concerns

    Mexico is experiencing militarisation with increased violence and persistent human rights violations. While civil society actors are demanding an end to this policy, President-elect Claudia Sheinbaum secured victory by pledging continuity to the outgoing López Obrador Presidency.


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