Policy Exchange

Policy Exchange

GIGA researchers are sought-after experts for policy-makers.

  • The GIGA conducts social-science research with real-world relevance on Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, and on global developments.

    With our global approach to scholarship, we are committed to working with perspectives, concepts, and experiences from different world regions. We analyse how political, social, and economic transitions originate, and how they unfold across the world and within the regions.

    On the basis of our research, we advise policymakers and actively engage with academic, political, and societal stakeholders in Germany, at the European and international levels, and in the regions of the Global South.

    GIGA researchers are sought-after experts among decision-makers in the German executive branch – especially the Federal Foreign Office, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and the Office of the Federal President –, as well as for members of parliament, inter- and supranational bodies, non-governmental organisations, the media, and the wider public. The GIGA Berlin Office, located in the heart of the capital, is dedicated to knowledge transfer with Berlin-based political, civil society, academic, and media institutions.

    Our GIGA Focus publication series provides short analyses and policy implications on current developments worldwide.

    GIGA Distinguished Speaker Lecture Series

    The GIGA Distinguished Speaker Lecture Series brings leading minds in academia and policy from all over the world to the Institute to stimulate public exchange on key global developments. This series of lectures by top scholars and leading practitioners was initiated with funds from the Federal Foreign Office and inaugurated at City Hall hosted by the Hamburg Senate. Since its inception in 2015 this GIGA flagship event is curated by our President Prof. Amrita Narlikar. We look forward to continuing these important conversations with our esteemed guests.


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