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  • Monograph | C.H. Beck | 09/2023

    Wir sind nicht alle: Der Globale Süden und die Ignoranz des Westens

    Der Westen ist nicht mehr der Nabel der Welt. Stattdessen treten die Staaten des Globalen Südens mit neuem Selbstbewusstsein auf. Das Buch diskutiert, warum die Staaten des Globalen Südens so handeln, wie sie es tun, warum deren Skepsis gegenüber dem Westen so tief sitzt – und warum in der neuen Vielfalt auch Chancen liegen.

    GIGA Focus Middle East | 4/2023

    Tunisia’s Autocratisation under President Kais Saied

    After the Arab uprisings, Tunisia would emerge as the only Arab democracy. President Kais Saied’s July 2021 coup has, however, led to the autocratisation of the state. This GIGA Focus traces Saied’s base of support, his strategies, and rhetoric, as well as their implications for Tunisia’s future.

    Digitalisation and Labour Markets in Developing Countries

    Infographic | 2023

    Digitalisation and Labour Markets in Developing Countries

    Digitalisation has a major impact on labour markets in developing countries. While Internet access expands, digital platforms proliferate and “gig-work” is performed in the Global South, access to and use of digital technologies remains far from universal.

    GIGA Focus Global | 2/2023

    Digital Skills in the Global South: Gaps, Needs, and Progress

    The arrival of AI-powered chatbots has made many people think once again about the skills needed for the "digital future of work." Poorer countries in particular exhibit large “digital skills gaps.” This GIGA Focus looks at digital skills in the Global South.

    GIGA Focus Middle East | 3/2023

    Mosque Geopolitics in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    The Focus examines the extent, contours, and impact of the foreign funding of mosques in Bosnia and Herzegovina since the end of the Bosnian war of 1992–1995. It presents the different actors involved and highlights the implications of this funding in terms of architectural and religious practices.

    Robin Cognée

    Former Visiting Fellow

    GIGA Focus Asia | 4/2023

    Rediscovering the Pacific: Possibilities of German Cooperation

    The Pacific Islands region is increasingly on Germany’s foreign policy radar. This Focus examines the challenges faced by this world region, takes stock of extant ties with Germany, and discusses possible future key areas of cooperation here.


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