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  • Cooperation Event | 08/06/2022

    At War Against the Infidels: Religion, Violence, and Politics in Post-Revolutionary Mexico (1930-1960)

    Lecture by Prof. Gema Kloppe-Santamaría in cooperation with the LFF Graduate Programme: "Democratising Security in Turbulent Times" at Universität Hamburg.

    Der Tagesspiegel | Interview | 15/05/2022

    Die Armen bezahlen für die Sanktionen

    GIGA President Prof Amrita Narlikar discusses Russia's war, German armaments and double standards in the Tagesspiegel.

    GIGA Forum | 17/05/2022

    The War in Ukraine and the Global South: Perceptions, Reactions, and Implications

    While most United Nations members quickly condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine, a few actors in the Global South adopted a “neutral” stance. This GIGA Forum discusses how countries in Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and sub-Saharan Africa perceive the war, are reacting to it, and what its consequences are for these states. Video now online!

    GIGA Talk | 11/05/2022

    After Istanbul: Women’s Rights and Human Rights in Turkey

    When Turkey announced that it would withdraw from the Istanbul Convention on Violence against Women and Domestic Violence, it led to protests against the country’s democratic backsliding. In this GIGA Talk, experts will discuss the reasons behind and effects of this decision. Video now online!

    Lecture Series | 12/05/2022

    WONAGO Lecture Series

    The WONAGO Lecture Series invites scholars and policymakers to speak on ideas of order prevalent in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. “World Order Narratives of the Global South (WONAGO)” is a joint research project by Universität Hamburg and the GIGA, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Upcoming lecture by Dr. Fernando Camacho Padilla.

    GIGA Talk | 12/05/2022

    “If there is a ceasefire, people know the devil is coming”

    The consequences of ceasefires can be diverse, and are not necessarily positive. In this GIGA Talk, scholars and distinguished practitioners will discuss how research and experience from Syria can provide insights and practical strategies relevant for negotiating ceasefires in Ukraine. Video now online!

    GIGA Talk | 04/05/2022

    Climate Responsibilities of the “Great Powers”: Are they doing enough?

    The world is still not on track to meet the 1.5°C maximum warming target. The United States, China, the European Union, India, and Brazil – these “great powers” play a crucial role in fighting climate change. This GIGA Talk will address what has been achieved (or not) and how the “great powers” justify their respective actions or inaction. Video now online!

    In Brief | 22/03/2022

    Book a Scientist: We answer your questions

    At “Book a Scientist” on 8 April, you will once again have the chance to talk to GIGA researchers over the course of 25 minutes. This time, Hager Ali, Dr. Marika Sosnowski, and Dr. Christian von Soest will offer individual talks on military coups, Syria, and sanctions. Book your appointment now!

    Lecture Series | 12/05/2022

    WONAGO Lecture Series

    The WONAGO Lecture Series invites scholars and policymakers to speak on ideas of order prevalent in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East. “World Order Narratives of the Global South (WONAGO)” is a joint research project by Universität Hamburg and the GIGA, funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Upcoming lecture by Dr. Fernando Camacho Padilla.

    Audio contribution | 02/2022

    What Congress for Chile? Unicameralism, Bicameralism, and the New Constitution

    In 2022, Chileans will decide on a new constitution, which among many changes proposes a restructuring of the national congress. In this audio interview, hosted by GIGA, journalist Evan Romero talks with Prof. Dr. Mariana Llanos and Ass. Prof. Dr. Christopher Martínez Nourdin to assess the impact of the potential amendments. Listen now!

    Evan Romero

    Ass. Prof. Dr. Christopher Martínez

    In Brief | 25/01/2022

    GIGA President Professor Amrita Narlikar receives personal Republic Day Felicitations from India’s Prime Minister Modi

    On the occasion of India's Republic Day, GIGA President receives a personalised letter from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, acknowledging and appreciating her contribution to international relations in bringing countries and cultures closer together.

    GIGA Doctoral Programme

    The GIGA Doctoral Programme offers an international research environment, close collaboration with senior researchers, and excellent supervision.

    Research & Transfer

    The GIGA conducts social-science research with real-world relevance on Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East, and on global developments. It is dedicated to research-based knowledge transfer and policy exchange.

    GIGA Forum | 26/01/2022

    Has America Come Back? President Biden’s Foreign Policy towards the Global South

    With the election of President Joe Biden, the world hoped for the United States’ return to diplomacy, multilateralism, and to a values-based foreign policy. In this GIGA Forum, experts examine US foreign policy in the first year of the Biden administration vis-à-vis Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. Video of event now online.

    GIGA Forum | 19/01/2022

    With the Help of God(s)? Religious Actors and Sustainable Development in Africa

    Religious actors can both promote and undermine sustainable development. Many stakeholders and scholars recognise the relevant role of religious actors and place great hope in their potential. Alongside GIGA scholars, members of the “Africa Multiple” Cluster of Excellence from Universität Bayreuth discussed this topic in depth. Video of event now online!

    Retrospective | 23/12/2021

    GIGA Highlights 2021

    Our President Prof. Dr. Amrita Narlikar and we are proud to present our highlights of 2021!

    GIGA Talk | 11/01/2022

    Labour Migration in the Gulf – Building Wealth on Precarity

    Migrant workers live in precarious conditions in the Persian Gulf region. Migration regulations prevent naturalisation; for many, however, the region is a second home. This GIGA Talk offers analysis of the structural problems in the regional labour market and a discussion of the consequences for international cooperation.

    In Brief | 20/12/2021

    Christmas greetings

    All of us at the GIGA wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022!

    Online Workshop | 21/10/2021 - 22/10/2021

    MIASA Publishing Workshop

    The MIASA Publication Workshop aims to foster research by African scholars to facilitate their publication in renowned African Studies journals. In doing so, it seeks to address asymmetries in knowledge production, which is the overarching goal of the Maria Sibylla Merian Institute for Advanced Studies in Africa (MIASA).

    Book Talk | 13/12/2021

    The Long Game: How China Negotiates with India

    The GIGA is proud to bring you Ambassador Shri Vijay Gokhale to speak with GIGA President Prof. Dr. Amrita Narlikar about his book “The Long Game. How the Chinese Negotiate with India”. The audience will have the opportunity to engage in discussion. Video of the event now online!

    GIGA Distinguished Speaker Lecture Series | 25/11/2021

    Retreat from Afghanistan: What it Means for Regional and Global Order

    The withdrawal of the Western forces from Afghanistan leaves behind a country in disarray and many open questions. Ambassador von Brandt, Prof. Dr. Mattoo, and Prof. Dr. Narlikar will discuss the range of competing interests and the impact of the developments on regional and global order. Video of event available.


    The Indo-German Partnership in a Changing World

    Cooperation Event 08/11/2021

    GIGA President Prof Amrita Narlikar chaired and discussed with Ambassador Walter Lindner and Dr. Samir Saran the long-standing partnership that India and Germany share from a historical perspective. Furthermore, they identified common interests, the potential for joint future action, and the role their interaction could play on the global stage. Almut Möller (State Secretary and Representative of Hamburg) moderated the event. Video of the event available.

    Edited volume | FESCOL Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Colombia | 08/2021

    The Entanglements of Peace: Reflections on the long road of transforming the armed conflict in Colombia

    The publication of this study, which seeks to analyse and understand the variety of conceptions of peace in Colombia, comes at a key but complex moment. The context of the pandemic has not only had an impact on the health of the Colombian population, but also on the quality of life of households.

    Prof. Dr. Sabine Kurtenbach

    Lead Research Fellow / General Editor GIGA Focus Editor GIGA Focus Global

    Kristina Birke Daniels

    In Brief | 01/11/2021

    New GIGA Annual Report

    With the GIGA Annual Report 2020, we are pleased to be able to present the highlights of our work in the previous year. With the many opportunities, but also challenges, brought about by purely digital work, the year 2020 was another successful one for the GIGA team. Learn more about research and knowledge transfer at the GIGA.

    Research | 17/05/2021

    “Leibniz in the Bundestag”: GIGA Scientists Talk with German Members of Parliament

    The GIGA’s extensive range of policy advice includes an exchange with members of the Bundestag once a year as part of “Leibniz in the Bundestag.” In 2021, 25 of our scientists will offer their expertise to Germany’s politicians in an advisory capacity.

    GIGA Forum | 17/11/2021

    Safeguarding the “Rules-based Order”? Europe Navigates the Shallow Waters of the Indo-Pacific

    Along with other European countries, Germany has also sent a warship, the frigate "Bayern", on a mission in the Indo-Pacific with the aim of securing “rules-based” international politics in the region. The experts of this GIGA Forum/GIGA Talk discuss the challenges of this mission. Video of event now online!

    GIGA Talk | 27/10/2021

    Final Chance for the 1.5 Degrees? Expectations for the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow

    At the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference, negotiations will be held on the measures and contributions to be made to achieve the Paris Agreement’s goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Experts will discuss the expectations of the COP26 and the roles of individual actors at this GIGA Forum/GIGA Talk.


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