Cooperations | GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies

DAVO: German Middle East Studies Association for Contemporary Research and Documentation

  • DAVO is the leading association of Middle East scholars in Germany.
  • DAVO advocates a relevant, contemporary and interdisciplinary approach to Middle East scholarship.
  • Each year, DAVO holds an annual international convention, for which the IMES often organises panels.
  • The IMES assists in the publication of DAVO white papers.

EuroMeSCo: Euro-Mediterranean Study Commission

  • Members of the EuroMeSCo network come from 33 of the member states of the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM). EuroMeSCo unites the most salient research institutions working on relations between Europe and North Africa/the Middle East. Currently, 99 research institutions are integrated into EuroMeSCo.
  • EuroMeSCo’s research activities are oriented towards foreign policy and security policy and work to achieve the goals of the UfM.
  • Depending on the topic, the IMES participates in the development of EuroMeSCo’s annual research agenda.

Cooperation Agreements

Through the signing of cooperation agreements, the IMES has been able to expand its collaboration with leading research institutes and lay the groundwork for formal cooperations in research and knowledge transfer. Collaborations were agreed upon with the following institutions:

  • Lebanese American University, Beirut, Libanon (LAU)
  • Observatoire Tunisien de la Transition Démocratique, Tunis (OTTD)
  • Rabat Social Studies Institute, Rabat/Marokko (RSSI)

Cooperation Partners

Furthermore, in the context of specific research projects, the IMES works closely with other European, North African and Middle Eastern contracted partners, including:

The IMES also provides a temporary home base to various visiting scholars.