Research | 18/06/2023

GIGA Scientists Present Their Research on International Relations at the DVPW

The GIGA was represented with its own panels and presentations at the open conference of the “International Relations” section of the German Political Science Association (DVPW), which was held at Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen from 14–16 June 2023.

  • Jan Klenke gave a presentation during the panel “Critical Perspectives on International Climate Governance” on the topic “It's a Performance, Not an Orchestra! Rethinking Soft Coordination in Global Climate Governance.”

    Dr. Maria Josua was Chair of the panel “How Authoritarian Narratives Travel: Exploring Senders and Audiences at Home and Abroad.” She also presented her research entitled “Taking Audiences Seriously: Justifications of Repression and Their Reception in Tunisian and Moroccan Protests 2011.”

    Dr. Jens Heibach chaired the panel “The Politics of Middle-Power Engagement in External Regions: Insights from the Global South,” in which other GIGA researchers presented their work: Dr. Mohammadbagher Forough with “Iranosphere vs. Turkosphere: Iran and Turkey's Competition in Caucuses and Central Asia," and Mira Demirdirek and Hamid Talebian with “Strengthening the Bromance: The War against Ukraine as an Opportunity for Turkey and Iran in Africa.”

    Under the panel title “The Global South and the Making of International Orders,” Dr. Miriam Prys-Hansen presented her current research on the “Politics of Scale and the Building of Regional Order.”

    Hana Attia and Dr. Julia Grauvogel chaired the panel “The Use and Effectiveness of Sanctions in the 21st Century: Implications for the Case of Russia.” Prof. Dr. Christian von Soest presented his research on “How the USA and EU Use Individual Sanctions.” Hana Attia spoke on “Sanctions Termination in Times of Crises.”

    Dr. Mohammadbagher Forough and Dr. Miriam Prys-Hansen contributed to the panel “Climate Governance in the Global South,” in addressing the topic of “China’s and India’s Race for Hydrogen.”

    The full programme (PDF) of the conference can be found on the DVPW website.


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