Scarcely any other region of the world can match the Middle East for its past magnificence, present turmoil, and future uncertainty. At a moment of growing geopolitical insecurity, the region is confronted by political, economic, and demographic challenges that will have dramatic effects on the region and the world at large. The last decade saw massive anti-government uprisings, civil wars, military interventions, and state collapses, as well as waves of violent extremism. The protracted Syrian War and the ensuing refugee crisis, the ongoing rivalry over regional supremacy, new currents in political Islam, the persistence of authoritarianism, and emerging venues of political contention have attracted particular global attention. The diversity and simultaneous consistency of political, historical, and socio-economic structures behind these developments has puzzled observers.

IMES has followed developments in the Middle East for decades. Keeping both global dynamics and the historical-cultural specificity of the region in perspective, our institute fosters high-quality scholarship addressing the pressing political, socio-economic, and security issues and provides rigorous, data-driven, fieldwork-based research and analysis. IMES has established itself as a leading institution, offering its in-depth expertise on the prevailing trends in the Middle East:

Peaceful Transformation and Violent Conflict in the Middle East

Authoritarianism and Political Change

Political Islam

Regional and International Relations in the Middle East