The Middle East is a region of extreme importance, both historically and today, for Europe and for global events. As the cradle of three world religions, the starting point for important cultural and academic directions, and, for more than 50 years, a central production location for oil, the lubricant of the globalizing economy, this region is at the centre of decisive political events. The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are currently intensifying the conflict in the region and threatening to expand into an uncontrollable conflagration. The Arab Spring, which was initially seen as positive, has lost a great deal of its appeal.

The GIGA has followed developments in the Middle East for decades. The institute’s research has closely monitored the Arab Spring and the most recent crises. Here, various issue-based pages covering different aspects of the upheavals in the Arab world summarize the GIGA’s expertise. The dossiers bring together analysis and information about the experts.

Peaceful and Violent Conflicts

Authoritarianism and Political Transformation

Political Islam | Islamism

Regional and International Relations

Economic and Social Development