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GIGA Institute for Asian Studies

Asia is the most populous, and arguably most heterogeneous, continent in the world. In recent decades, it has experienced rapid development. China is now the second largest economy in the world, while the middle class in India is growing rapidly. Furthermore, many other countries on the continent have become important economic and political actors. There are, however, obvious international tensions and social challenges confronting large parts of the region. In short, Asia is undergoing radical change.

The GIGA Institute for Asian Studies (IAS) has been analysing political, economic, and social developments in Asia since 1956. Our regional focal points include Greater China, India, Japan, Southeast Asia, as well as Australia and New Zealand. At the heart of IAS research are currently topics such as populism and its impact on foreign policy, civil–military relations, social policy and national innovation systems, and the role of India and China in global and regional governance. The institute’s findings represent an important source of knowledge for decision makers from the private and public sectors.

The IAS is one of the leading European institutes of Asian Studies. IAS researchers are regularly on site and work closely with local partners. Under the umbrella of the GIGA, the institute serves as the seat of the secretariat of the German Association for Asian Studies (DGA) and is a partner of the European Alliance for Asian Studies (Asia Alliance). As part of its international cooperation efforts, the IAS publishes the peer-reviewed Journal of Current Chinese Affairs and Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs.

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GIGA Journal Family

The GIGA Journal Family is published by SAGE Publishing, maintaining the "platinum standard" of the open access model. Excellent contributions by researchers from all over the world are featured in the four journals. To ensure the journals' quality, all essays are evaluated in a double-blind peer-review process.

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Research Platform Asia

Exchange and cooperation with scholars from around the world is a decades-long tradition at the GIGA. Since 2015 we have been intensifying and consolidating this cooperation with the help of a new medium: the GIGA research platforms. 

The aim of the Asia Research Platform is to intensify cooperation and exchange between science, think tanks, the Federal Foreign Office, political foundations and other partners in the region.