Dr. Jaemin Shim


  • Short CV

    • Since 2020: Associate at the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies

    • Since 09/2020: Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University

    • 11/2019-3/2020 and 7/2019-10/2019: Visiting Fellow at the GIGA Institute for Asian Studies

    • 09/2016 - 06/2017: Associate at the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies

    Current Research

    • Mass-elite representation gap in old and new democracies, with specific focus on causes, measurement strategies, and normative implications

    • Comparative welfare states of OECD countries, with special focus on East Asian countries

    • Gender Politics of Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, with special focus on legislative politics

    • Multi-methods, with special focus on social network analysis and media content analysis

    Countries and Regions

    • Japan

    • South Korea

    • Taiwan

    The Journal of Legislative Studies | 2022

    Substantive Representation of Women and Policy-Vote Trade-Offs: does supporting Women’s Issue Bills decrease a Legislator’s Chance of Reelection?

    The paper investigates how parliamentary efforts to represent the interests of female electorates influence the legislators’ re-election chances. The findings show that making more legislative effort on women’s issues results in electoral losses, and this negative effect is more pronounced among female legislators.

    Sociologicky Casopis - Czech Sociological Review | 02/2021

     Book Review: “Democracy under Threat” by Munshi, S. (eds.)

    Journal of Women, Politics and Policy | 2021

    Gender and Politics in Northeast Asia: Legislative Patterns and Substantive Representation in Korea and Taiwan

    The article outlines that, on the one hand, female legislators’ increasing seat proportion made legislators stress women’s issues more and, on the other hand, new legislators elected at the party tier with civil society experience became substantially more likely to advance women's issues.

    Speaker | 07/02/2019

    Gender and Politics in Northeast Asia

    University of Tokyo Tokyo: 07/02/2019

    Female Legislators in Korea and Taiwan

    Speaker | 05/02/2019

    Global Mass Elite Political Cleavage (GMED) Project

    Waseda University Tokio: 05/02/2019

    Speaker | 05/12/2018

    Gender and Politics in Northeast Asia: Legislative Patterns of Female Legislators in Korea and Taiwan

    Centre of Taiwan Studies, SOAS University of London London: 05/12/2018


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