Prof. Dr. Chanchal Kumar Sharma


Prof. Dr. Chanchal Kumar Sharma

  • Short CV

    • Since 07/2017: Associate at the GIGA Institute for Asian Studies

    • 01/2017 - 06/2017: Visiting Fellow at the GIGA Institute of Asian Studies Funding: GIGA India Fellowship

    Current Research

    • Fiscal Federalism: Theory and Practice

    • Distributive Fiscal Politics

    • Multi-level Politics and Party System Change

    • Foreign Relations of Subnational Units

    • Federalism and Disaster Management

    Countries and Regions

    • India

    • South Asia

    Prof. Dr. Chanchal Kumar Sharma


    Contemporary South Asia | 11/2022

    The Dynamics of Federal (In)stability and Negotiated Cooperation Under Single-Party Dominance: Insights from Modi’s India

    Many studies have demonstrated a trend towards greater centralization of the federal system in India since 2014. This article systematically explores the processes involved in tipping the delicate federal balance in favour of greater central control.

    Wilfried Swenden


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