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Scholarly excellence thrives on scholarly exchange, both with other region-specific research institutes and with those that concentrate on theory. At the GIGA, this scholarly exchange also refers to the continued commitment of the IAS to cultivating various contacts in Germany and abroad, in both university- and non–university-based research sectors.

In order to ensure continuous exchange in the areas of information, ideas and research materials and to foster research collaboration, the Institute for Asian Studies maintains a great number of professional relationships with research institutes and libraries in Europe, North America and particularly Asia. The IAS is a founding member of the European Alliance for Asian Studies (Asia Alliance). Since 2015 the IAS has organised numerous collaborative international activities under the roof of its Research Platform Asia.

German Association for Asian Studies

In Germany the IAS works closely with the German Association for Asian Studies (DGA: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Asienkunde e.V.). It hosts the secretariat of the association and two IAS scholars currently serve as the DGA’s Managing Director and Deputy Chairperson, respectively.

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