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The impact of cybersecurity on international relations

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Compact with Africa: Fostering Private Long-Term Investment

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A new basis for the cooperation with Africa

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Oligarchic Politics in Latin America

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What to Read: International Relations in Cyber Security

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How will Beijing respond to a Tsai presidency?

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Are think tanks in Asia unique?

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How will Beijing react to the Tsai Presidency?

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Kooperation mit Afrika auf neue Beine stellen

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Wages in Asia and the Pacific and the Arab States


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Taking stock of ‘good coups’ in Africa

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"China in Africa": A Reality Check

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Marokkos beachtenswerter Reformprozess seit 2011

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SAM for SE Template


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Global Power Shifts and Challenges for the Global Order

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Electoral Rights in Mexico

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Côte d’Ivoire 2015 presidential polls. A low risk election?

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Sanctions can be counter-productive in instigating democratic reform in authoritarian regimes

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Indien: Innerstaatliche Konflikte

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Thorsten Wojczewski

Pakistan: Innerstaatliche Konflikte

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Power, peace, and space in Africa

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Die Vorteile der Zivilmacht: Deutschland als "friedlicher Makler"

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The advantages being a civilian power. Germany as a "peaceful international broker"

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Libyens institutionelle Zweiteilung ohne exakte Territorialgrenzen

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Challenges to state building after the fall of Qaddafi

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Timor-Leste bei den Olympischen Winterspielen

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Janina Pawelz

Timor-Leste zieht Australien vors Gericht

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Janina Pawelz

David gegen Goliath. Timor-Leste zieht Australien vors Gericht

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