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Die Wissenschaftler:innen des GIGA präsentieren ihre Forschungsergebnisse regelmäßig in renommierten Fachzeitschriften. Die Beiträge werden in einem ausführlichen Review-Prozess begutachtet und erhalten dadurch das Qualitätssiegel "referiert".

  • Review of International Organizations | 09.2022

    Measuring Precision Precisely: A Dictionary-Based Measure of Imprecision

    What to learn more about the precision of international agreements? This publication offers a robust empirical measure of this central International Relations concept. We show that the mandates of international organizations can be very vague, opening room for interpretation and manipulation.

    Dr. Markus Gastinger

    Dr. Henning Schmidtke

    Research Fellow / Sprecher Forschungsteam

    Small Wars and Insurgencies | 09.2022

    The Shadow of ‘the Boys:’ Rebel Governance without Territorial Control in Assam’s ULFA Insurgency

    This article leverages data from an oft-overlooked case of rebel governance – India’s United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) – to demonstrate the importance of de-centring territorial control as a prerequisite for rebel governance.

    Alex Waterman

    Research Fellow

    International Affairs | 09.2022

    How not to negotiate: the case of trade multilateralism

    The WTO has become an almost perfect example of how not to negotiate. In this article, GIGA President Prof. Narlikar identifies three broad categories of bargaining failures and explores the impact of narratives on the course of events, giving us a clear list of dos and don’ts for international negotiation.

    International Affairs | 09.2022

    International relations: the ‘how not to’ guide – Introduction to the International Affairs centenary special issue

    In this introductory article, GIGA President Prof. Narlikar and Prof. Drezner, guest editors of the International Affairs centenary special issue, outline this ‘how not to’ guide. They explore a Hippocratic oath for international affairs and suggest going beyond this minimum ‘do no harm’ requirement.

    Prof. Dr. Daniel W. Drezner

    Cleaner and Responsible Consumption | 09.2022

    Information Source and Content – Drivers for Consumers’ Valuation of Fairly Traded Chocolate

    To learn about the role of information content and source as catalysts to increase consumers' valuation of fairly traded foods, we conducted an online survey with 2500 consumers representative of the German population.

    Dr. Liza von Grafenstein

    Dr. Sarah Iweala


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