Désirée Reder / Sabine Kurtenbach / Alina Ripplinger

Legados Violentos, Movimientos Sociales, Futuros Inciertos

Vortrag | 14.02.2024 - 16.02.2024

  • Group photo from the workshop in Costa Rica organised by Désirée Reder.

    Central America finds itself again at a crossroads. Fragile processes of democratisation and peacebuilding are threatened by traditional and corrupt elites weaponising the judiciary, undermining the rule of law, and limiting human rights. Civil society plays a major role in resisting such developments.

    In a three-day workshop co-organized by Prof. Dr. Sabine Kurtenbach and Désirée Reder, at the University of Costa Rica in San José, researchers from GIGA, CIEP, and other academic institutions from Central America, as well as representatives of Civil Society, discussed the current developments, challenges, and potential pathways out of the crisis.


    Legados Violentos, Movimientos Sociales, Futuros Inciertos


    Universidad de Costa Rica, San José

    Workshop | 22.02.2024 - 23.02.2024

    Beyond the Liberal Peace: The Importance of Human Rights for Peace

    IBEI-GIGA Workshop Security, Conflict and Peace, IBEI, Barcelona Prof. Dr. Sabine Kurtenbach (Vortragende:r)

    Over the last decade liberal peacebuilding was heavily criticised for its Eurocentric bias privileging civil and political rights. Nevertheless, peacebuilding needs a normative frame based not only on individual rights but also on collective human rights as the basis for violence reduction, participation and conflict transformation.