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The Gaza War and Its Impact on the Middle East




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Video GIGA Forum Gaza War
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Video GIGA Forum Gaza War

  • The Hamas massacre of 7 October 2023 marked a turning point in recent Israeli–Palestinian and Israeli–Arab relations. It not only resulted in aerial bombardment and a ground invasion of the Israeli army into the Gaza Strip, but has also impacted the wider Arab and Middle Eastern region and the already difficult relationships many of these countries have with both Israel and the Palestinian people.

    Six months after the 7 October attack, this GIGA Forum discusses the regional implications of the Gaza War for Israel’s and Palestine’s immediate neighbours – Egypt, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon – and influential regional powers such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. Is the Gaza War the beginning of a full-blown regional war, or is there hope for de-escalation and long-term peace in the region? 

    Speakers:  Alena Jabarine is a Freelance Journalist and a Political Scientist

    Prof. Dr. Nathan J. Brown is Professor of Political Science and International Affairs at George Washington University and currently a Fellow at the Hamburg Institute for Advanced Studies (HIAS). 

    Dr. André Bank is a Senior Research Fellow at the GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies.

    Moderator:  Diba Mirzaei is a Doctoral Researcher at the GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies.


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