Referierte Artikel

Referierte Artikel

Die Wissenschaftler:innen des GIGA präsentieren ihre Forschungsergebnisse regelmäßig in renommierten Fachzeitschriften. Die Beiträge werden in einem ausführlichen Review-Prozess begutachtet und erhalten dadurch das Qualitätssiegel "referiert".

  • Politics and Religion | 09.2023

    What Do We Know about Religion and Interreligious Peace?: A Review of the Quantitative Literature

    Interreligious relations remain an important dimension of human coexistence and we currently observe an increase in religiously motivated violence and discrimination. Hence, we need to better understand determinants of interreligious peace.

    Asian Survey: A Bimonthly Review of Contemporary Asian Affairs | 08.2023

    COVID-19, Anti-Chinese Sentiment, and Foreign Policy Attitudes in South Korea

    COVID-19 generated significant anti-Chinese sentiment in South Korea. Domestic elite-level narratives regarding China at the pandemic’s onset were highly polarized: conservative parties advocated border shutdowns, emphasizing China as originating the virus, while progressive parties warned that this would incite xenophobia. Did these narratives shape anti-Chinese sentiment, and what are their foreign policy effects?

    International Journal of Middle East Studies | 08.2023

    The Past is Never Dead. It's Not Even Past: History and Memory in Iraq Studies

    20 Years after the US invasion of Iraq this roundtable section reflects on recent Iraqi history and contemporary developments with an eye toward memory politics. It builds on a conference held at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (GIGA) in Hamburg in March 2023 and portrays emerging avenues for research.

    Dr. Achim Rohde

    Academy in Exile

    Canadian Journal of African Studies | 08.2023

    “The Cake is in Accra”: A Case Study on Internal Migration in Ghana

    This article is about the motivations for internal migration, and how do social relations influence the migration process? In answering these questions, this paper focuses on internal migration to Accra, the capital of Ghana. Qualitative interviews were conducted with 20 migrants.

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    Open Access

    Open Access steht für den freien Zugang zu Forschungsergebnissen über das Internet – ohne finanzielle, technische oder gesetzliche Barrieren. Dies ermöglicht eine gleichberechtigte Teilhabe aller Menschen am wissenschaftlichen Fortschritt.

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