Houssein Al Malla

Doctoral Researcher | Representative of Doctoral Researchers

Houssein Al Malla

  • Kurzer Lebenslauf

    • Since January 2023: Representative of Doctoral Researchers at the GIGA Doctoral Program.
    • Since October 2022 Doctoral Researcher at the GIGA Doctoral Program. Provisionary Dissertation Title: Personality and Foreign Policy: The Role of Political Psychology in Accounting for the Outcomes of International Sanctions.
    • August - September 2022: Student Research Assistant at the Goethe-Universität Frankfurt (Regional Research Center Transformations of Political Violence (TraCe)).
    • October 2021 - September 2022: Student Research Assistant at the Peace Research Institute, Frankfurt (Research Group on Terrorism).
    • November 2021 - March 2022: Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt (Public Administration and Finance Module).
    • November 2021 - September 2022: Editorial Assistant for the Africa Spectrum Journal.
    • August 2021 - Present: Student Assistant at the Rule of Law Programme, Middle East and North Africa, of the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung.
    • August 2021 - August 2022: Student Research Assistant at the German Institute for Global and Area Studies (Project: The Termination of International Sanctions: Causes, Processes, and Domestic Consequences).
    • 2020 - 2022: Masters of Public Policy (MPP) from the Willy Brandt School of Public Policy at the University of Erfurt, Germany (recipient of the Dietmar Herz Award and the Director's Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Academic Achievement). DAAD Helmut Schmidt Scholar for Public Policy and Good Governance.
    • 2018: Visiting Student at the Paris Institute of Political Studies, (Sciences Po), Paris.
    • 2016 - 2019: Bachelor's degree in Political Science / International Affairs with a minor in Conflict Analysis and Resolution (with Honors) from the Lebanese American University, Beirut. 

    Aktuelle Forschung

    • International Sanctions
    • Foreign Policy Analysis
    • Political Psychology
    • Leadership Trait Analysis
    • International Security

    Länder und Regionen

    • Sub-Saharan Africa
    • Middle East and North Africa (MENA) 
    • Lebanon
    • Iran

    Houssein Al Malla

    Doctoral Researcher / Representative of Doctoral Researchers


    DW News | Interview | 24.03.2023

    Who is calling to lift sanctions on Syria - Syrians or the Assad regime?

    After the devastating earthquake in early 2023 that affected Syria, calls to lift sanctions on the country flooded social media. Who is behind these calls? GIGA Researcher Houssein Al Malla contributes to this DW short documentary on the current state of sanctions in Syria. 

    TVP World | Interview | 20.02.2023

    Are US Sanctions against Syria stalling Aid after earthquake?

    A few days after the quake the US Treasury Department announced sanctions imposed on Syria for 'all transactions related to earthquake relief efforts'. Will this be enough to allow unrestricted humanitarian access to Syria? Have sanctions been an obstacle to the delivery of aid? GIGA researcher Houssein Al Malla answers these questions in this TVP World interview.  

    Lehre | Universität Hamburg | 2023

    Introduction to Foreign Policy Analysis

    Universität Hamburg Hamburg Deutschland

    Why do states behave the way they do, and how can we account for their foreign policies in the international system? This course aims to introduce participants to the techniques, theories, and methods for analyzing and understanding the process of foreign policy decision making. The course will be divided into 3 major components: (a) an introduction to Foreign Policy Analysis (FPA) as a sub-branch of International Relations; (b) an overview of the methods employed in the study of FPA; and (c) applications of these methods through real-world case studies of foreign policy decisions.


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