Research Platforms

Exchange and cooperation with scholars from around the world is a decades-long tradition at the GIGA. Since 2015 we have been intensifying and consolidating this cooperation with the help of a new medium: the GIGA research platforms. Through these platforms we are collaborating with excellent partners in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Middle East on research topics of joint interest and are laying the foundation for international, evidence-based policy advising. The GIGA also works closely with the German organisations based in each of the partner countries, including the embassies.

Alongside joint field research, we organise conferences and workshops as well as exchange stays among scholarly staff; new research findings are presented in joint publications.

The research platform activities not only aim to increase the profile of the GIGA’s research findings in the regions and to create a link to regional debates; they also serve to integrate the findings and viewpoints from local contexts into the mainstream in other regions of the world.

The research platforms are an important element in our approach of adopting a well-founded, inclusive, and pluralistic view of research and policy.

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Recent Publications

Robert Patman / Patrick Köllner / Balazs Kiglics (eds.)

Asia-Pacific Diplomacy in Transition: Ideas, Issues and Institutions

Cham: Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming

Fraser Cameron

The European Union's New Rival – China

GIGA Focus Asia, 07/2019