China is partner, competitor, and systemic rival to the European Union. But also a political actor that needs to be understood on its own terms. The GIGA offers significant expertise on China's political and economic development as well as on the country’s role in both regional and global affairs.


  • Research Project | 01/06/2023 - 31/05/2026

    HNC³ - Hamburg Network on Compliance in Cooperation with China

    This project bundles the China expertise of universities and non-university research institutes in the Hamburg metropolitan area. Against the background of current opportunities and challenges in cooperating with China, primary goals of the project include the development of instruments for such cooperation in accordance with legal parameters, the establishment of appropriate exchange formats among the consortium members, and the implementation of relevant training programmes.
    BMBF, 2023-2026

    Research Project | 01/09/2021 - 29/02/2024

    Ensuring Safe, Transparent and Mutually Beneficial Collaboration with China at Analytical Research Infrastructures (WIKOOP-INFRA)

    The joint project WIKOOP-INFRA will draw up empirically grounded guidelines that offer researchers from Germany and the EU support and guidance for scientific cooperation with their Chinese colleagues at large research infrastructures under existing framework conditions.
    BMBF, 2021-2024

    Research Project | 01/09/2021 - 29/02/2024

    Performance Monitoring Asia-Pacific Research Area (APRA), Phase II

    The Asia-Pacific research area (APRA) comprises about half of the world's population and some of its most dynamic economies. The importance of the region as producer of knowledge is reflected in its growing number of international publications and patents, as well as development of new (digital) business models. By analysing the performance of science, technology, and innovation in the APRA, the project aims at supplying an empirical-evidence base for the strategic further development of cooperation with countries in Asia-Pacific.
    BMBF, 2021-2024

    Asian Survey: A Bimonthly Review of Contemporary Asian Affairs | 08/2023

    COVID-19, Anti-Chinese Sentiment, and Foreign Policy Attitudes in South Korea

    COVID-19 generated significant anti-Chinese sentiment in South Korea. Domestic elite-level narratives regarding China at the pandemic’s onset were highly polarized: conservative parties advocated border shutdowns, emphasizing China as originating the virus, while progressive parties warned that this would incite xenophobia. Did these narratives shape anti-Chinese sentiment, and what are their foreign policy effects?

    International Area Studies Review | 05/2023

    China’s Adherence to International Human Rights Treaties: An Empirical Assessment

    Despite being a non-democratic country and widely perceived as violating human rights, China has expanded its role in human rights at the international level. This article examines how China's adherence to international human rights norms changed over time.

    Panel discussion | 07/12/2023

    New Supply Chain and India-Korea Global Connect: Can the EU Become a Partner?

    New Supply Chain and India-Korea Global Connect, Stockholm Organisers: Institute for Security & Development Policy Mahima Duggal (Speaker)

    This event brought together Korean, Indian, European/Swedish, and Japanese experts to discuss the new supply chain connection between India and South Korea, factoring Europe in the Indo-Pacific as a possible region of global cooperation.


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