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ISA Annual Convention 2022: GIGA Scholars Present Their Research Results

Once again, the GIGA is represented at the annual convention of the International Studies Association (ISA). GIGA scholars will present their research results either as virtual presentations or on in-person panels in Nashville. The yearly conference of the most prominent scholarly association for International Relations worldwide serves as a place to connect with other scholars and with the policy sphere.

Between 28 March and 2 April, scholars will lead numerous virtual panels and in-person roundtables, presenting their publications and research results in the areas of International Relations, Peace and Conflict Research, Democracy Research, and Governance. The topics include current challenges for the liberal order and multilateralism; the effect of already lifted sanctions; processes of peacebuilding; migration diplomacy; the (de)politicisation of human rights; and climate governance. The detailed programme, including all contributions by our scholars, can be found here. With its 7,000 members, the ISA is the most prominent scholarly association for International Relations in the world. The GIGA regularly contributes to the annual convention, taking advantage of the forum to engage in scholarly exchange, plan international research projects, and network with practitioners.


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