In Brief | 11/09/2023

Book a Scientist – In Dialogue with Experts

In the Leibniz Association’s “Book a Scientist” discussion format, interested parties can book 25-minute one-on-one meetings with researchers and discuss individual questions with them on the topics offered.

  • During the digital event on 12 September, four GIGA researchers will be available for you. The talks will take place from 10:00–11:30 and from 16:00–17:30 respectively.  

    Dr. André Bank will offer talks on his research focus, the Syrian conflict: The devastating earthquake on 6 February 2023 and the diplomatic rehabilitation of the authoritarian regime under President Bashar al-Assad brought Syria back into the international news in recent months. During your discussion, you will take a joint look at the current conflict situation in the country. Against this background, future scenarios for Syria and the possible role of Europe and Germany in them can be discussed. Talks are possible in German or English. 

    In recent months and years, Dr. Julia Grauvogel has been working intensively on the question of whether and how international sanctions work. At “Book a Scientist,” you have the opportunity to discuss specifically the sanctions against Russia with the political scientist: What is the economic impact of these measures? Are they achieving success? What are the limits of Western sanctions policy? You can discuss these and other questions together on 12 September. Dr. Grauvogel offers the talks in German. 

    How do authoritarian regimes use laws against fake news and disinformation to take action against their own civil society? This is the subject of Dr. Sangeeta Mahapatra’s research at the GIGA. Learn more about the repression of media professionals, academics, and activists in world regions such as South and Southeast Asia, and how governments themselves become disinformation agents, controlling the flow of information and curtailing the freedom of expression. Discussions with Dr. Mahapatra will take place in English. 

    Prof. Dr. Eckart Woertz, Director of the GIGA Institute for Middle East Studies, is represented at “Book a Scientist” with two topics at once: As a professor of Contemporary History and Middle Eastern Politics, Prof. Woertz is intimately familiar with developments in Iraq over the past 20 years – namely, in the period since the US military invasion of the country. Iraq remains divided, riven by corruption, and vulnerable to influence by external actors. Join Prof. Woertz for a discussion on how overcoming the economic crisis and structural deficits could contribute to greater political stability.  

    Woertz’s research interests also include energy issues. Both the Middle East and North Africa could become key regions for the energy transition: high solar irradiation and sometimes favourable wind conditions combined with low population density offer good conditions for installing solar and wind farms. In this joint discussion, you will learn more about the opportunities and challenges of renewable energy projects in the Middle East and North Africa. The conversation with Prof. Woertz will take place in German.

    Book Your Scientist

    For more information on the event, as well as dates and topics of other participating Leibniz researchers, please visit the Leibniz Association website


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