Thematic Editions of the GIGA Focus Series

The various thematic editions of the GIGA Focus series discuss the specific global and regional expressions of an overarching issue. While they do not adopt a strictly comparative approach, they do show how certain phenomena change and travel across the world and within different historic and cultural contexts. They also reflect the GIGA’s approach of taking into account the philosophical traditions and historical experiences of all world regions.

Military and Militarisation

The military and militarisation are making their way back into politics. The alliances being formed with civilian elites are different to before. In some cases, military officers past or present are assuming office in high government as well as threatening or suppressing the opposition and civil society. In times of social, political, and/or economic crisis, the military serves primarily to uphold the power of ruling elites. In other contexts, national elites are driving the militarisation of foreign policy. This thematic GIGA Focus series analyses the role of the military and the processes of militarisation in different regions of the world.

Christian Wirth / Valentin Schatz

South China Sea "Lawfare": Fighting over the Freedom of Navigation

GIGA Focus Asia, 05/2020

Adam Scharpf

Dangerous Alliances: Populists and the Military

GIGA Focus Latin America, 01/2020

Shrinking Civic Spaces around the World

Civil society has been facing increasing pressure around the world in recent years. The spaces for citizens and NGOs to assemble and campaign for rights and their interests have been shrinking globally, not only affecting actors in authoritarian regimes but also facilitating the emergence of authoritarian practices in formally democratic contexts. Against this background, the decisive question is “What shapes and maintains the global increase of civil society restrictions?” In this thematic GIGA Focus series authors employing different perspectives explore the dynamics of shrinking civic space and shed light on this worrying trend. At the GIGA, research on this phenomenon and related topics is carried out within Research Programme 1 “Accountability and Participation” and within the International Diffusion and Cooperation of Authoritarian Regimes - IDCAR-Network.

Gesine Ames / Julia Grauvogel

Burundi before the Elections: Continuity instead of Change

GIGA Focus Africa, 04/2020

Christiane Fröhlich

Shrinking Spaces of Humanitarian ­Protection

GIGA Focus Middle East, 06/2018

Bertram Lang / Heike Holbig

Civil Society Work in China: Trade-Offs and Opportunities for European NGOs

GIGA Focus Asia, 06/2018

Thomas Richter

Reduced Scope for Action Worldwide for Civil Society

GIGA Focus Global, 05/2018

Sabine Kurtenbach / Adam Scharpf

The Return of the Military

GIGA Focus Latin America, 07/2018

Germany and the Multilateral Order

Since January 2019, Germany has been a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. This raises the question, on the one hand, of what challenges German foreign policy will face until the end of Germany’s membership in December 2020. On the other, it can be asked what opportunities multilateral actors have – if any – to influence conflicts around the world. Against this backdrop, this GIGA Focus series analyses various conflict situations in different world regions, such as the nuclear conflict on the Korean Peninsula.

The G20 amidst Globalisation

The G20 countries represent approximately two-thirds of the world’s population, over 80 per cent of the world’s economic activity, and three-quarters of global trade. Against the backdrop of Germany’s G20 presidency in 2017, this thematic GIGA Focus series provides research-based analyses of the G20 as an institution, of its potential, and of central issues on the G20 agenda as seen from a regional perspective.

Sabine Kurtenbach / Detlef Nolte

Latin America’s Fight against Corruption: The End of Impunity

GIGA Focus Latin America, 03/2017

Daniel Neff / Joachim Betz

Gender Justice as an International Objective: India in the G20

GIGA Focus Asia, 03/2017

Sebastian Biba / Heike Holbig

China in the G20: A Narrow Corridor for Sino–European Cooperation

GIGA Focus Asia, 02/2017

Amrita Narlikar

Can the G20 Save Globalisation?

GIGA Focus Global, 01/2017

Flight and Migration

Across the world, 65 million people are currently leaving their homes and crossing borders to seek asylum and protection. The number of people “on the move” internally is much higher, as migration has many causes and motivations. This thematic edition of the GIGA Focus series sheds light on the multiple aspects and experiences of flight and migration.

Sebastian Prediger / Franzisca Zanker

Why European Migration Policies on Africa Need a Change of Direction

GIGA Focus Africa, 06/2016

Luicy Pedroza / Pau Palop / Bert Hoffmann

Calling Abroad: Latin America Reshapes Its Emigrant Policies

GIGA Focus Latin America, 03/2016

Nicole Hirt

Eritrean Refugees: The Pawns of European Interests

GIGA Focus Africa, 02/2016

Felix Haaß / Sabine Kurtenbach / Julia Strasheim

Fleeing the Peace: Emigration after Civil War

GIGA Focus Global, 02/2016

A Pluralist Approach to Social Sciences

Most approaches to solving real-world problems are based on the experiences of the industrialised Western world. Other experiences – if taken into account at all – are measured against this ideal type. This thematic edition of the GIGA Focus demonstrates the added value of including the ideas as well as the experiences of the Global South, with a specific focus on democracy and democratisation.

Stephan Rosiny / Thomas Richter

The Arab Spring: Misconceptions and Prospects

GIGA Focus Middle East, 04/2016

Christian von Soest / Fabian Bohnenberger

External Intervention to Strengthen Democracy in Africa

GIGA Focus Africa, 04/2016

Mariana Llanos / Detlef Nolte

The Many Faces of Latin American Presidentialism

GIGA Focus Latin America, 01/2016