• Event Series "Crossing Borders"

    Through the “Crossing Borders – Foreign Correspondents Connecting with Scholars” series, researchers and journalists come together to discuss current developments around the world that also impact Germany and Hamburg. The event series was jointly created by the GIGA and the Norddeutscher Rundfunk (NDR) to provide interested members of the public with more background information about current events. The GIGA and its scholars contribute their expertise on the various world regions and on social, economic, and political upheavals; the NDR brings its years of overseas experience gained through its many foreign correspondents in both radio and television. The NDR is a public radio and television broadcaster based in Hamburg, and its programmes reach millions of people in Germany. As a member of the ARD consortium, it runs or contributes to Das Erste, Phoenix, Arte, 3Sat, and Tagesschau, amongst others.

    NDR Info Podcast "Streitkräfte und Strategien"

    In addition to the joint event series, the GIGA also cooperates with NDR on other media formats. Our researchers are, for insance, frequently requested as discussion partners for the podcast of NDR Info "Streitkräfte und Strategien." They comment on current political and economic events from around the world.

    NDR Info | Interview | 27/06/2022

    Russland: Probleme bei der Waffenproduktion

    Dr. Christian von Soest in the NDR Info podcast "Streitkräfte und Strategien": Experts believe that Russia's income from arms deals will plummet. The reasons are the sanctions and the country's own needs.

    Dr. Christian von Soest

    Lead Research Fellow / Head of Research Programme "Peace and Security"

    NDR-Info | Interview | 07/02/2020

    Schwieriger NATO-Bündnispartner – Strebt die Türkei nach Atomwaffen?

    Dr. Hakkı Taş in the NDR Info podcast "Streitkräfte und Strategien".

    Dr. Hakkı Taş

    Research Fellow

    NDR Info | Interview | 07/10/2017

    Militärisches Eingreifen in Syrien und im Irak

    Dr. André Bank in the NDR Info podcast "Streitkräfte und Strategien".

    Dr. André Bank

    Senior Research Fellow


    Verena Schweiger

    Head of Communications Department

    T. +49 (0)40 - 428

    GIGA NDR Series "Crossing Borders" | 16/11/2020

    Uprising Against Those in Power – Upheaval in the Middle East

    People in the Middle East have been demonstrating for months now. Anger is targeted at their governments, who often react very harshly to these protests. Are we witnessing historic upheaval? Natalie Amiri (ARD Iran expert), Björn Blaschke (Head of the ARD Radio Studio in Cairo), Dr. André Bank (Senior Research Fellow and Middle East expert at the GIGA), and moderator Julia-Niharika Sen (NDR foreign affairs broadcast “Weltbilder”) will discuss this issue.

    GIGA NDR Series "Crossing Borders" | 19/08/2019

    Power Struggle in Venezuela: Which Way Out of the Crisis?

    One of the worst logistical and indeed state crises in the history of the country has plunged large parts of the population into poverty and further destabilised an ailing political system. How, then, can Venezuela find its way out of this crisis? Moderator Julia-Niharika Sen (of the NDR TV programme Weltbilder) will discuss this question with Prof. Dr. Sabine Kurtenbach (Acting Director of the GIGA Institute for Latin American Studies), Xenia Böttcher (ARD correspondent), and Kai Küstner (NDR, former ARD correspondent).

    GIGA NDR Series "Crossing Borders" | 29/05/2019

    In God's Name: Religion and Violence in Africa

    Religion – Christianity, Islam, or mixed forms with a range of traditional beliefs – is a central element of cultural life in many African countries. The extent to which religion is the trigger for violent conflicts in African countries and what other factors play a role will be discussed by moderator Julia-Niharika Sen, Prof. Dr. Matthias Basedau, Caroline Hoffmann, and Jens Borchers.

    GIGA NDR Series "Crossing Borders" | 04/06/2018

    Terror against Muslims – Fleeing Myanmar

    In the collaborative event series from NDR and the GIGA “Crossing Borders – Foreign Correspondents Connecting with Scholars” (“Grenzgänger – Auslandskorrespondenten treffen Wissenschaftler”), researchers and journalists discuss current events across the world, always including a perspective on how Germany and Hamburg are affected. Video of the event available.

    GIGA NDR Series "Crossing Borders" | 08/11/2017

    Krise ohne Ausweg? Nordkorea und die Bombe

    In der gemeinsamen Veranstaltungsreihe des NDR und des GIGA „Grenzgänger – Auslandskorrespondenten treffen Wissenschaftler“ diskutieren ForscherInnen und JournalistInnen über aktuelle Entwicklungen rund um die Welt, die immer auch Deutschland und Hamburg betreffen.

    The GIGA is taking the coronavirus situation very seriously. Our events take place in the digital space or in hybrid format. Team GIGA is still working mainly from home. We are pleased to be able to offer you our products without restriction.


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