GIGA Seminar in Socio-Economics

  • The GIGA Seminar in Socio-Economics reflects our expertise regarding different aspects of inclusive and sustainable development in the Global South. The seminar covers a broad range of topics related to conflict, education, employment, environment, governance, health, inequality, trade, and poverty. More information on GIGA’s research on these topics is available on the webpage of GIGA Research Programme “Globalisation and Development”.

    The GIGA Seminar in Socio-Economics features scholars and experts from around the world. The seminar takes place once a month and is available to the public. Information on upcoming and past seminars are posted below.

    If you are interested in joining the seminars, please register with Dr. Lisa Hoffmann:

    Coordinator GIGA Seminar in Socio-Economics

    GIGA Seminar in Socio-Economics | 19/01/2023

    Community Aspirations and Collective Action – Evidence from two Experiments

    Lecture by Menusch Khadjavi Pour (Associate Professor of Economics at the Department of Spatial Economics, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

    GIGA Seminar in Socio-Economics | 17/11/2022

    Ethnic Homogenization and Public Goods: Evidence from Kenya’s Land Reform Program

    Lecture by Juliette Crespin-Boucaud, Postdoctoral Research Fellow for the EthnicGoods project at the Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals (IBEI).

    GIGA Seminar in Socio-Economics | 08/09/2022

    Trust. The Key to Social Cohesion and Growth in Latin America and the Caribbean

    Lecture by Carlos Scartascini, Head of the Development Research Group at the Research Department and Leader of the Behavioral Economics Group of the Inter-American Development Bank

    GIGA Seminar in Socio-Economics | 25/08/2022

    Socio-Economic Values of Syrian Refugees

    Lecture by Andreas Nicklisch, Professor at the University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons, Switzerland

    We offer our events digitally or in hybrid setting. We monitor the current pandemic situation and act accordingly. We look forward to your participation.


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