COVID-19 in Africa: Taking Stock of the Impacts on the Informal Economy, Supply Chains, and Labour Markets




15:00 Uhr (UTC)

Screenshot of panelists of the workshop COVID-19 in Africa

  • The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has imposed economic costs and burdens on African countries that have compromised the implementation of development strategies and policies, and of international development cooperation. The lockdowns have halted economic activity and resulted in the closure of many enterprises, including the informal sector. Consequently, unemployment and poverty levels have risen. These shocks require immediate policy responses that will mitigate the direct and adverse impacts on poverty and livelihoods.

    The workshop “Covid-19 in Africa: Taking stock of the impacts on the informal economy, supply chains, and labor markets” will assess the socioeconomic impact of COVID-19 in Africa and discuss the immediate and long term implications for development cooperation partnerships and its role for recovery and future resilience.

    It will seek to provide answers to the questions:

    • What are the impacts of COVID-19 on trade, supply chains, and foreign investment in Africa?

    • What direct and indirect impacts does COVID-19 have on African labor markets and the private sector, especially on micro, small and medium enterprises and on the informal sector?

    • What are feasible short-term policy responses to the crisis and how can development cooperation adjust?

    • Which are appropriate and feasible options to support the informal economy?

    • How can we strengthen the collaboration between researchers and policy makers/ practitioners to promote evidence-based decisions making?

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