Changing Asia 2019: Perspectives on Regional and Global Cooperation


26.10.2019 - 27.10.2019

From left to right: Sun Jisheng, XU Jian, Patrick Köllner

  • The Changing Asia 2019 conference brings together more than 20 international scholars to discuss the implications of the rise of China and India on both regional governance and global governance. The conference builds on the first two Changing Asia conferences, which were held in Hamburg and Berlin (April 2015) and in New Delhi (September 2017).

    This year’s conference will focus on the theory and practice of global and regional governance in a multipolar world; connectivity strategies in Asia and beyond; Chinese and Indian policies toward the Asia-Pacific/Indo-Pacific; bilateral relations and regional cooperation in Eurasia and Pacific Asia; and domestic politics and foreign policy of China, India and the US.

    Participants include scholars from the GIGA and its institutional cooperation partners in China (CFAU), India (IDSA), and the US (UVA) who will be joined by a number of academics and think tankers from Brussels, China, Germany, New Zealand, and Singapore.

    The conference concludes with a policy roundtable discussion involving Chinese policymakers.






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