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Geopolitical Implications of COVID-19




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GIGA Distinguished Speaker Lecture mit NATO Generalsekretär Jens Stoltenberg am 30. Juni 2020
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GIGA Distinguished Speaker Lecture mit NATO Generalsekretär Jens Stoltenberg am 30. Juni 2020

  • The GIGA is honoured to present to you a (virtual) GIGA Distinguished Speaker Lecture by NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg. He will speak on “Geopolitical Implications of COVID-19”. Jens Stoltenberg will give insights into NATO's response in the battle against the pandemic and preparations for a possible second wave of COVID-19. His lecture will also address the impact of this global crisis on the geopolitical landscape. 

    Under Jens Stoltenberg’s leadership, NATO has met an increasingly challenging security environment. He strongly supports a partnership approach, with cooperation between NATO and the European Union reaching unprecedented levels. He believes in credible deterrence and defence, while also maintaining dialogue with Russia. He has advocated for increased defence investments and better burden sharing within the Alliance, and a greater focus on innovation.

    Jens Stoltenberg is NATO Secretary General since 2014.

    The event will be chaired by Amrita Narlikar, President of the GIGA and Professor of International Relations at the University of Hamburg.

    The GIGA Distinguished Speaker Lecture Series brings leading minds in academia and policy from all over the world to Hamburg to stimulate public exchange on key global developments.


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