Prof. Dr. Michael Grimm / Renate Hartwig

All Eyes on the Price: An Assessment of the Willingness-to-Pay for Eyeglasses in rural Burkina Faso

Health Economics | 2022

  • Abstract

    Vision impairment is the most common disability worldwide and it
    is untreated in large parts of the developing world. We assess the willingness-topay
    (WTP) for eyeglasses among adults in a resource-poor rural setting. We elicit
    the WTP using the Becker-DeGroot-Marschak (BDM) method. We combine this
    approach with a layaway scheme and a video intervention to probe to what extent
    liquidity constraints and information influence the WTP. Our results show that the
    average WTP is close to the cost of production for corrective glasses. Nevertheless,
    we find evidence for information constraints. Our video intervention raises the WTP
    for corrective glasses by 16 percent. We do not find evidence of screening effects,
    i.e. after six months, use is unrelated to the initial WTP.


    Health Economics


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