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Auge y Declive del Regionalismo Latinoamericano en la Primera Marea rosa Lecciones para el Presente

Ciclos en la historia, la economía y la sociedad | 2022

  • Abstract

    This article continues a topic initiated in previous books and works about the Second World War and the immediate post-war period in Argentina and Latin America. In this case, it is a study of the monetary, economic and strategic changes that took place towards the end of the Second World War between the United States and the Soviet Union, while they were still allies, and their subsequent relevance to the origins of a new conflict, the so-called Cold War. It also analyses the behavior of the third ally, Great Britain, its ambivalent relations with the Washington governments and the fate of the defeated country, nazi Germany. The aim is to shed light on the first moments of the escalation of conflicts by setting out and explaining the different points of view or positions that played a role in those crucial post-war moments: the discussions and conflicting or divergent lines between personalities and groups of power within and between them.


    Ciclos en la historia, la economía y la sociedad








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