Mariana Llanos / Alexander Stroh / Charlotte Heyl / Cordula Tibi Weber

Judicial Departures in Six Consolidating Democracies


  • Beschreibung

    This dataset contains unique biographical information on 143 high court judges in office since democratization in six consolidating democracies: Argentina, Benin, Chile, Madagascar, Paraguay, and Senegal. It includes an assessment of their departure from the bench as politically influenced or not. Further, the dataset comprises information on institutional, political, and contextual factors, which were partly collected by the authors and partly included from existing datasets. Among these information are the formal rules that regulate the appointment and tenure of judges, data on the share of the president´s party or coalition in parliament, the event of a constitutional reform, as well as the GDP per capita and the degree of political freedom.




    1984 - 2014

    Länder und Regionen

    Argentina, Benin, Chile, Madagascar, Paraguay, Senegal


    Compilation/Synthesis, Content Analysis


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