Amrita Narlikar

Three external Risks to Democracy and how to address them

Policypaper | 2021

  • 07.09.2021

    Closed-door Meeting of the Global Future Council on Frontier Risks (online)

    World Economic Forum, Global Future Council on Frontier Risks 07.09.2021

    Prof. Amrita Narlikar is a member of the World Economic Forum and the Global Future Council on Frontier Risks.

    Forschungsprojekt | 01.01.2021 - 31.12.2023

    Digital Diplomacy and Statecraft (DigiTraL Diplo): Leg I of GIGA Digital Transformation Lab (DigiTraL) - A Global Approach to Digitalisation

    Digital Diplomacy and Statecraft (DigiTraL Diplo) is funded by the Federal Foreign Office. It is the first leg of a larger research endeavour, envisioned to include Digtal Warfare and Development at a later stage. DigiTraL Diplo focuses on how digital transformation offers new opportunities, challenges, and instruments for foreign policy. It will identify the chances and (security) threats of digitalization to advance adequate responses of (digital) diplomacy.
    FFO, 2021-2023


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