Andreas Mehler / Ulf Engel / Lena Giesbert / Jenny Kuhlmann / Christian von Soest

Structural Stability: On the Prerequisites of Nonviolent Conflict Management

GIGA Working Paper, No. 75, April 2008

The concept of "structural stability" has been gaining prominence in development policy circles. In the EU’s and the OECD Development Assistance Committee’s (OECD DAC) understanding, it describes the ability of societies to handle intra-societal conflict without resorting to violence. This study investigates the preconditions of structural stability and tests their mutual interconnections. Seven dimensions are analyzed: (1) long-term economic growth, (2) environmental security, (3) social equality, (4) governmental effectiveness, (5) democracy, (6) rule of law, and (7) inclusion of identity groups. The postulated mutual enhancement of the seven dimensions is plausible but cannot be proven. The most significant positive relationship appears between "democracy" and "rule of law," respectively, on the one hand and the dependent variable "violence/ human security" on the other hand. This points to the usefulness of the political concept of structural stability to promote development policy agendas in this area at least. Applications that reach beyond these initial findings will, however, require further research.

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Dr. Lena Giesbert ist wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am GIGA Institut für Afrika-Studien. Sie ist Sprecherin des Forschungsteams „Inklusive Gesellschaften“ im GIGA Forschungsschwerpunkt 3 „Wachstum und Entwicklung“.

Dr. Christian von Soest ist Lead Research Fellow am GIGA Institut für Afrika-Studien (IAA) und Leiter des GIGA-Forschungsschwerpunkts 2 „Frieden und Sicherheit“. Er forscht zu Sanktionen und anderen externen Interventionen, Konfliktprozessen und autoritären Regimen. Er leitet den Beitrag des GIGA zum Projekt B3 “Konflikt und Kooperation im Nexus von Klima und Sicherheit“, des Exzellenzclusters „Klima, Klimawandel und die Gesellschaft“ (CLICCS) der Universität Hamburg (

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