Miriam Prys

Developing a Contextually Relevant Concept of Regional Hegemony: The Case of South Africa, Zimbabwe and “Quiet Diplomacy”

GIGA Working Paper, No. 77, May 2008

South Africa’s “quiet diplomacy” has been often used to reject the notion of South African leadership or regional hegemony in southern Africa. This article finds that this evaluation is founded on a misguided understanding of regional hegemony, which is based on conventional hegemony theories that are mostly derived from the global role of the United States after World War II. Alternatively, this article uses a concept of hegemony that, for example, takes into account the "regionality" of South Africa’s hegemony, which both allows external actors to impact on regional relations and allows South Africa to pursue its foreign policy goals on the global level of international politics. This concept helps to systemically analyze South Africa's foreign policy in the Zimbabwean crisis and to better integrate this policy into the broader framework of its regional and global ambitions.

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Dr. Miriam Prys-Hansen

Lead Research Fellow
Komm. Leitung FSP 4

Dr. Miriam Prys-Hansen ist Lead Research Fellow am GIGA Institut für Asienstudien und Akademische Direktorin des GIGA Doktorandenprogramms. Ihre Forschung bewegt sich zurzeit überwiegend im Bereich der regionalen und globalen Umwelt- und Klimapolitik und fokussiert sich dabei insbesondere auf die Rolle von regionalen und aufsteigenden Mächten.

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