Kurz notiert | 17.02.2022

News aus dem GIGA Doktorandenprogramm

Erfahren Sie mehr über die Aktivitäten unserer Doktorand:innen im vergangenen Monat.

    • Christopher Huber successfully defended his dissertation titled “Imposing sanctions on violent non-state actors to restore international peace and security. A systematic analysis of the conditions under which UN targeted sanctions work” at University of Hamburg. Congratulations!

    • Viviana García Pinzón successfully defended her dissertation titled “Local order, violence, and trajectories of governance in peripheral cities in Colombia and El Salvador” at University of Marburg. Congratulations!

    • Nils Lukacs submitted his dissertation titled “The Search for a New Beginning: Obama and the United States’ Legacy in the Middle East” at University of Hamburg. Congratulations!

    • Pedro Costa submitted his dissertation titled "The Overlooked Role of the Brazilian Congress in Shaping the Bolsa Família Program: A New Approach to the Policy-making of Conditional Cash Transfers" at Rio de Janeiro State University (IESP-UERJ). Congratulations!

    • Dastan Jasim and Rafael Castro Alegría have been speakers at the GIGA Talk “Has America Come Back? President Biden’s Foreign Policy towards the Global South”.

    • Juliana Tappe Ortiz published the article “Friedliche Militärs?” in Katapult Magazine.


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