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Neues Journal of Politics in Latin America 3/2022

Die aktuelle Ausgabe des Journal of Politics in Latin America befasst sich mit wichtigen Themen zu Lateinamerika wie z.B. der Beteiligung an COVID-Protesten in Chile, Gewalt bei den Wahlen in Mexiko, Rechtpopulismus und Menschenrechten.

  • Journal of Politics in Latin America Vol. 14, No. 3 (2022)

    Research Articles

    • Andreas Schedler: Minimalist Storytelling: The Natural Framing of Electoral Violence by Mexican Media Abstract | PDF

    • Bernard Brennan, Kristin Johnson, Ashlea Rundlett: Human Rights During Transition: Accountability Mechanisms in Mexican States 1997–2008 Abstract | PDF

    • Thomas Kestler: Radical, Nativist, Authoritarian—Or All of These? Assessing Recent Cases of Right-Wing Populism in Latin America Abstract | PDF

    • Malu A. C. Gatto, Pedro A. G. dos Santos, Kristin N. Wylie: Gendering Coalitional Presidentialism in Brazil Abstract | PDF

    • Sofía Donoso, Ismael Puga, Cristóbal Moya, Monica M. Gerber: Is it Worth the Risk? Grievances and Street Protest Participation During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Chile Abstract | PDF


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