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Neues Journal of Politics in Latin America 1/2017

Das Journal widmet sich unter anderem dem Zerfall der Demokratie in Venezuela, den Morden an mexikanischen Politikern und dem Wandel des Bankensektors in Argentinien, Mexiko und Brasilien.

Journal of Politics of Latin America Vol. 9, No. 1 (2017)

Research Articles

  • Sebastián Etchemendy, Ignacio Puente: Power and Crisis: Explaining Varieties of Commercial Banking Systems in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico Abstract/ PDF

  • Anibal Francisco Gauna: Revisiting the Issue of Democratic Deterioration in Venezuela, 1974–1998 Abstract/ PDF

  • Laura Ross Blume: The Old Rules No Longer Apply: Explaining Narco-Assassinations of Mexican Politicians Abstract/ PDF

  • Lucas González: Electoral Competition and Social Spending in the Argentine Provinces Abstract/ PDF

Research Notes

  • Carlos M. Lisoni: Contributions to a Typology of Clientelistic Brokers Abstract/ PDF


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