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New Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 3/2018

Die malaysischen Parlamentswahlen von 2018 stehen im Mittelpunkt der neuesten Sonderausgabe des Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 3/2018. Sie finden darin Analysen zum Regimewechsel in Malaysia und zur Rückkehr von Premierminister Mahathir.

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Vol. 37, No. 3 (2018)

The 2018 Malaysian General Election: The Return of Mahathir and the Exit of UMNO


  • James Chin, Bridget Welsh: Special Issue Introduction: The 2018 Malaysian General Election: The Return of Mahathir and the Exit of UMNO Abstract | PDF

Research Articles

  • Ross Tapsell: The Smartphone as the “Weapon of the Weak”: Assessing the Role of Communication Technologies in Malaysia’s Regime Change Abstract | PDF

  • Kai Ostwald, Paul Schuler, Jie Ming CHONG: Triple Duel: The Impact of Coalition Fragmentation and Three-Corner Fights on the 2018 Malaysian Election Abstract | PDF

  • John Funston: Malaysia’s 14th General Election (GE14) – The Contest for the Malay Electorate Abstract | PDF

  • Bridget Welsh: “Saviour” Politics and Malaysia’s 2018 Electoral Democratic Breakthrough: Rethinking Explanatory Narratives and Implications Abstract | PDF

  • Tsu Chong CHAN: Democratic Breakthrough in Malaysia – Political Opportunities and the Role of Bersih Abstract | PDF

  • Muhamad M. N. Nadzri: The 14th General Election, the Fall of Barisan Nasional, and Political Development in Malaysia, 1957–2018 Abstract | PDF

  • James Chin: Sabah and Sarawak in the 14th General Election 2018 (GE14): Local Factors and State Nationalism Abstract | PDF

Book Reviews

  • Andrew Selth: Book Review: Zöllner, Hans-Bernd, and Rodion Ebbighausen, The Daughter: A Political Biography of Aung San Suu Kyi Abstract | PDF

  • Cheng Guan ANG: Book Review: Acharya, Amitav (2017), East of India, South of China: Sino-Indian Encounters in Southeast Asia Abstract | PDF

  • Asif Mohiuddin: Book Review: Miichi, Ken, and Omar Farouk (eds) (2015), Southeast Asian Muslims in the Era of Globalization Abstract | PDF


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