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Neues Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs 1/2017

Das Journal bietet Beiträge u.a. zur Politikgestaltung in den Philippinen, zur Außenpolitik Myanmars sowie zu Territorialkonflikten und Nationalismus in Vietnam und China.

Journal of Current Southeast Asian Affairs Vol. 36, No. 1 (2017)

Research Articles

  • Jens Marquardt: How Power Affects Policy Implementation: Lessons from the Philippines Abstract/ PDF

  • Mohamed Nawab Mohamed Osman, Rashaad Ali: Sarawak State Elections 2016: Revisiting Federalism in Malaysia Abstract/ PDF

  • Hannah Cotillon: Territorial Disputes and Nationalism: A Comparative Case Study of China and Vietnam Abstract/ PDF

  • Maung Aung Myoe: The NLD and Myanmar’s Foreign Policy: Not New, But Different Abstract/ PDF

Research Notes

  • Olle Törnquist: The Downside of Indonesia’s Successful Liberal Democratisation and the Way Ahead. Notes from the Participatory Surveys and Case Studies 2000–2016 Abstract/ PDF


  • Editors of JCSAA: GIGA IAS Booth A9 at ICAS 10, Chiang Mai 2017 Abstract/ PDF


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