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Neues Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 2/2018

"The Making and Operation of Everyday Authoritarianism in Taiwan during the Cold War" ist der Schwerpunkt der neuesten Ausgabe unseres Journal of Current Chinese Affairs.

Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Vol. 47, No. 2 (2018)


  • Isabelle Cheng, Táňa Dluhošová: No Distant Memory: Rethinking the State, Its Citizens, and Authoritarianism in Everyday Life Abstract | PDF

Research Articles

  • Táňa Dluhošová: Censorship and Publication Control in Early Post-War Taiwan: Procedures and Practices Abstract | PDF  

  • Isabelle Cheng: Saving the Nation by Sacrificing Your Life: Authoritarianism and Chiang Kai-shek's War for the Retaking of China Abstract | PDF


  • Lutgard Lams, Dr. Wei-lun Lu: Puppets, Compatriots, and Souls in Heaven: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Chiang Kai-shek's Early Wartime Rhetoric Abstract | PDF


  • Pin-Tsang Tseng: The Wartime Regime and the Development of Public Diet in Taiwan (1947–1950s) Abstract | PDF

  • Elisa Tamburo: Authoritarianism in the Living Room: Everyday Disciplines, Senses, and Morality in Taiwan's Military Villages Abstract | PDF

  • Chang-hui Chi: Learning to Drink Sorghum Liquor: Taste and Consumption in Military Front-Line Jinmen, Taiwan Abstract | PDF


  • Hsiao-Chiao Chiu: Women's Labour, Kinship, and Economic Changes in Jinmen in the Era of Authoritarian Rule Abstract | PDF


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