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Neues Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 1/2017

Die Beiträge dieser Ausgabe des JCCA befassen sich mit der Regierungszeit von Taiwans Ex-Präsident Ma Ying-jeou.

Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Vol. 46, No. 1 (2017)


  • Sabrina Habich-Sobiegalla, Stefan Fleischauer: The Shadow of China over Taiwan’s Democracy Abstract/ PDF

Research Articles

  • Tung-chieh Tsai, Tony Tai-ting Liu: Cross-Strait Relations and Regional Integration: A Review of the Ma Ying-jeou Era (2008–2016) Abstract/ PDF

  • Chun-yi Lee, Ming-xi Yin: Chinese Investment in Taiwan: A Challenge or an Opportunity for Taiwan? Abstract/ PDF

  • Isabelle Cheng, Lara Momesso: Look, the World is Watching How We Treat Migrants! The Making of the Anti-Trafficking Legislation during the Ma Administration Abstract/ PDF

  • Vladimir Stolojan: Curriculum Reform and the Teaching of History in High Schools during the Ma Ying-jeou Presidency Abstract/ PDF

  • Ryan Brading: Taiwan’s Millennial Generation: Interests in Polity and Party Politics Abstract/ PDF


  • Min Zhou, Hanning Wang: Anti-Japanese Sentiment among Chinese University Students: The Influence of Contemporary Nationalist Propaganda Abstract/ PDF

  • Piter de Jong, Mark J. Greeven, Haico Ebbers:Getting the Numbers Right on China’s Actual Overseas Investment: The Case of the Netherlands Abstract/ PDF


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