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Neues Africa Spectrum 3/2017

Diese Ausgabe beschäftigt sich unter anderem mit den Themen Genderdiskurs in Afrika, Nachhaltigkeit in der Schnittblumenindustrie Kenias, die politische Situation nach Mugabes Sturz in Zimbabwe und vielem mehr.

Africa Spectrum Vol. 52, No. 3 (2017)

Research Articles

  • Heidi Hudson: The Power of Mixed Messages: Women, Peace, and Security Language in National Action Plans from Africa Abstract | PDF

  • Gerda Kuiper, Andreas Gemählich: Sustainability and Depoliticisation: Certifications in the Cut-Flower Industry at Lake Naivasha, Kenya Abstract | PDF

  • Pétur Waldorff: Renegotiated (Post)Colonial Relations within the New Portuguese Migration to Angola Abstract | PDF

Analyses and Reports

  • Roger Southall: Bob’s Out, the Croc Is In: Continuity or Change in Zimbabwe? Abstract | PDF

  • Ransford Edward Van Gyampo: The State of Electoral Reforms in Ghana Abstract | PDF

  • Antje Daniel, Florian Stoll: Conference Report: Middle Classes, Protest, and Social Change in Africa and Beyond Abstract | PDF

Book Reviews

  • Edlyne Eze Anugwom: Review: Francis B. Nyamnjoh, Drinking from the Cosmic Gourd: How Amos Tutuola Can Change Our Minds (2017) Abstract | PDF

  • Henning Melber: Review: Godfrey Kanyenze, Herbert Jauch, Alice D. Kanengoni, Masego Madzwamuse, and Deprose Muchena (eds), Towards Democratic Developmental States in Southern Africa (2017) Abstract | PDF

  • Roman Loimeier: Review: Alexander Thurston, Boko Haram: The History of an African Jihadist Movement, Princeton: Princeton University Press (2017) Abstract | PDF

  • Katharina Döring: Review: Tony Karbo and Tim Murithi (eds), The African Union: Autocracy, Diplomacy and Peacebuilding in Africa (2018) Abstract | PDF

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