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Neues Journal of Current Chinese Affairs 2/2021

Diese Ausgabe des Journal of Current Chinese Affairs behandelt Themen wie regionale Entwicklungen in Chinas "Westen", Selbstentwicklung im heutigen China sowie Chinas Außenpolitik gegenüber Lateinamerika und Europa.

  • Journal of Current Chinese Affairs Vol. 50, No. 2 (2021)

    Research Articles

    • Chien-Kai Chen: China in Latin America Then and Now: A Systemic Constructivist Analysis of China’s Foreign Policy Abstract | PDF

    • Anna-Barbara Heindl: Does Innovation Capacity Building Help Regional Development? Policy Expert Narrations on Development in China’s “West” Abstract | PDF

    • Gil Hizi: Tragic Stability and Elusive Selfhood: On the Drive for Self-Development in Contemporary China Abstract | PDF

    • Jackson Paul Neagli: Grassroots, Astroturf, or Something in Between? Semi-Official WeChat Accounts as Covert Vectors of Party-State Influence in Contemporary China Abstract | PDF


    • Bartosz Kowalski: China’s Mask Diplomacy in Europe: Seeking Foreign Gratitude and Domestic Stability Abstract | PDF

    Review Articles

    • Klaas Dykmann, Ole Bruun: China’s Pledge to Civilise “All Under Heaven” Abstract | PDF

    • Jan Knoerich, Liliane Chantal Mouan, Charlotte Goodburn: Is China’s Model of SEZ-Led Development Viable? A Call for Smart Replication Abstract | PDF


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